Atlantean Foundation


The Atlantean Foundation was established in 1620 by Sir Thomas Bacon. While Bacon’s political and scientific accomplishments are often proclaimed loudly, his private interests and pursuits are sometimes overlooked. Bacon was a Platonic scholar, passionate about using political connections and scientific reasoning to uncover the lost city of Atlantis, which Plato described in his writings. Bacon and his inner circle of friends were the very first members of the foundation and established the principles and credo that govern the organization today.


The Atlantean Foundation brings together historians, linguists, and scholars from around the world for the purpose of study and discovery in the search for Atlantis and its artifacts. The Foundation seeks to find and preserve these long lost treasures in the hopes of uncovering important cultural heritage from this lost civilization.

Scientific Partnership

The Atlantean Foundation is honored and proud to support research efforts around the world.  Scholars and researchers receive grants from the foundation to conduct work furthering the aims of the foundation’s founding father and philosophy.  Luminaries receiving Foundation grants have included such prestigious explorers as James Clark Ross (1839), Roald Amundsen (1926), and Jacques Cousteau (1956).

The Atlantean Foundation is pleased to announce that a private endowment has given the organization the ability to collaborate and provide expertise for the upcoming SEALAB development which will allow man to explore and reside at depths in the ocean that have been previously unexplored or catalogued.

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