COMPASS was founded when a group of Florida churchgoers realized that they all had some common interests- the oceans and keeping them clean. Members of COMPASS work to minister to individuals who live in seaside communities raising awareness about man’s impact on the oceans and the transcendent power of the oceans on the souls of mankind.

Unlike many other faith organizations, COMPASS is dedicated to science and believes that its views regarding shifting tides, warming waters, and dying reefs can all be scientifically proven. COMPASS members believe that humans are creatures of reason and logic and that scientific study and discovery will help them transcend the darkness they currently live in and unify them to COMPASS’s aims to cleaning up the oceans and putting an end to the destructive actions of mankind within the marine biome.

COMPASS Leadership

COMPASS organizes its members more like a military organization than a religious one. Its leader is referred to as Commandant. Presently, J. Parsons holds the rank of Commandant within COMPASS. Upper management receives honorifics like Lieutenant and Captain while missionaries and newly recruited members are referred to as Marines. These ranks have no bearing or merit outside of the organization.

COMPASS members benefit from the routine and structure provided by the organization. There are clear roles and responsibilities for members and these roles help the organization flourish. COMPASS started with only a single sailing vessel, but their efforts have afforded them the ability to expand their operation in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and to conduct mission work with a multitude of island residents around the world.


The founder of COMPASS died in 1986 and has left J. Parsons as the de facto leader.  It is Parsons’ mission to ensure that the world’s oceans are kept clean for the good of humanity’s future.  COMPASS has become one of the primary financial backers for SEALAB and they have brought aboard some of the finest science and medical staff to support SEALABs mission to have humans living beneath the surface.

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