Various bar glassware with text that reads On the Rocks

America was long fabled as a land where the streets were paved with gold and a country where paupers could become millionaires. America was a nation built on the hopes and dreams of men and women from around the globe. As people came from around the world they brought with them the trappings of their homelands. They brought their holy books, their altars, their rituals- they brought their gods.

As America grew, children of these bold immigrants forgot their roots and they gave up these old ways and old beliefs. In the 1950’s, ad men began to proliferate images of a new American dream, a home with Coca-Cola, an Oldsmobile, and Lucky Strike cigarettes. New gods were born and they were stronger than ever.

On the Rocks is a game set in the early 1960’s during the Golden Era of advertising and it draws a great deal of inspiration from shows like Mad Men and Granite Flats. The game is also heavily influenced by Neil Gaiman’s, American Gods.

Characters in the game will be ad executives, G-men, conspiracy theorists, astronauts, singers and more. There will be old gods struggling to survive and some new gods trying to etch out a place for themselves in the world.

Characters and Setting
Rules and Mechanics