Adventures/Dive Deployments

The Adventure system returns to SEALAB. There are some substantial and noteworthy changes in place based on the experiences of players and GMs from my previous events.

Dive Tokens

All players will have three dive tokens. All players will have the same number of dive tokens. A player must spend a dive token in order to go on and participate on a dive/adventure. There are a fixed number of tokens in the game. It will be possible for a player to go on three adventures in a row- but then they will be unable to go on more adventures later. It may also be possible for an adventure to fail and need to be repeated. If a player doesn’t have tokens left, they will not be able to go on the repeated dive.

Signing Up

Signing up for a dive ahead of time is not possible. GMs will deploy adventures at their leisure. Players will not stalk the Dive Officers asking them about specific adventure times.

When the GMs has set up an adventure, they will stand at a muster point. They will give some basic information about a mission and state the number of people that the adventure is for.


There may be more people interested in an adventure than there are available adventure slots. When this happens, COMMAND crew characters will have 2 MINUTES to resolve the conflict.

After an Adventure

Players will return to the station after an adventure. It is perfectly reasonable for players who were not present to ask for a debriefing. Players are able to role play and share information about what was learned, failed, encountered.

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