Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures

To: Medical Personnel
From: SEALAB Joint Command
Date: March 01, 1989
Subject: Welcome Briefing, SEALAB MedPod

Congratulations on your appointment to the Self-contained Engineering And Lifeform Analysis Bio-enclosure (SEALAB). As you know, the SEALAB is one of the most complex and cutting edge pieces of engineering technology in the history of humankind. During SEALABs mission, it will be taking the human body to new and untested environments. The stressors on human physiology are unknown. Information on parasites and bacteria in this environ are also unknown. This is why SEALAB has sought out the best and brightest in the fields of medicine, immunology, and toxicology in the world.

The habitat is currently configured to support 50 individuals with plans to expand the habitat to support even more individuals. During your time on the Sealab, you will need to make sure that all crew members are mentally, physically, and emotionally fit for duty. You will be required to test and document test results on all crew members at regular intervals. If at any time, a crew member is not performing adequately on their tests, you will need to perform further diagnostic tests and if necessary find an appropriate course of treatment. Nota bene: All crew members have passed initial tests that were issued topside. Deployment to the SEALAB habitat has happened in intervals as the mini sub and diving bell has allowed.

The habitat has state of the art tools for diagnostics and treatment of various maladies. The habitat has limited storage space for medicines and supplies, so those will need to be used wisely. Topside storms and currents can interfere with resupply drops to the station. It is the hope of the corporate governance council that you will be able to work together and in concert with members of the Life Sciences team to utilize equipment on board the vessel to synthesize a supply of medicines from resources that you collect from the bounty of the ocean.

Thank you for your service and enjoy your time in SEALAB.

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures

This procedure requires access to a Medical Station

1. Conduct a patient exam and inquire about various symptoms that the individuals is experiencing. Access the patient’s file.

After 15 minutes of role play, make an Observation skill check. If you are successful, you may ask a character for their character number.  You may look up their medical records to see if there is anything noteworthy on file about the patient.

2. If the patient is experiencing symptoms that have not been recorded in their file, update the record.

Compare symptoms to known maladies and attempt to diagnose the patient.

Consult the Symptom Chart to see if the patient’s symptoms match a known illness. Write down your diagnosis on the characters medical file.

3. Administer treatment for diagnosed malady.

  • If a patient has too few symptoms to diagnose clearly, you can treat them for multiple ailments; this can jeopardize medical supply resources.
  • Some treatments will only remedy some of a patient’s symptoms. It may be necessary to use multiple resources to treat a single ailment.
  • Some illnesses may present symptoms that were not planned for by the organization. It may be necessary to discover and synthesize cures in the habitat.

Using the diagnosis that is in a patient’s medical file, you may treat the patient. Consult the Treatment Chat to verify what resources are needed to treat various illnesses.

4. To Simply Reduce Body or Mettle to a Character, please see those rule sets.

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