Submerged Transit System Mechanic

As a group, Bombardoo, is working to expand ocean exploration and tourism by building a water based transit system. This mechanic requires players to accept some highly unrealistic space/time folding to achieve this goal.

Players will start game with a set number of tokens. There may be limited opportunities to acquire additional tokens throughout the game. There may also be ways to have funds added to the bank account.

Based on terrain difficulty, the transit system can be expanded to other parts of the ocean opening up landmarks and areas of interest for exploration or future (after game) development. Depending on the terrain type, building the transit system on a given space will cost varying amounts of resources form the bank account.


  • Transit system tokens
  • Ocean map with terrain indicators
  • A bank account with a set amount of money

Costs to Build


  1. The transit system tokens have connectors on them. Transit tokens may only be connected to one another at a connection point.
  2. When either the tokens are used up or when there is no more money in the bank account, the transit system can no longer be expanded.

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