In the 1960’s, the American government operated the SEALAB program. They deployed a number of habitats to the ocean floor. The program was stopped after staff aboard SEALAB III reported plagues of problems on board the vessel. The government halted the program and the habitat was scrapped for parts.

Twenty years later in 1989, a joint, military and civilian, expeidition is being launched into the depths of the ocean once again. Applications are being accepted for a variety of available job postings. By the looks of it- this new operation is no 6 man shindig near some coral reefs. These individuals will return to the ocean and try to solve some of the mysteries and horrors that the 1960’s teams were unable to.

Sealab is a game based on mystery, intrigue, and suspense. Characters will encounter danger and have to manage resources in order to survive their mission at the bottom of the ocean. Living in a contained space creates rich character conflict and drama to sprinkle into the mix of the other problems at hand.

Characters and Setting
Rules and Mechanics