About Bombardoo

Bombardoo Marinecraft was founded in 1976 in Queensland, Australia. With headquarters just a few miles away from Mooloolaba Harbour, Bombardoo has been pioneering state-of-the-art marine supplies with a focus on marine transportation technologies. Bombardoo is committed to defining and demonstrating new ways for man to interact with the ocean.


Bombardoo has partnered with Canon to produce new state of the art video recording equipment that has gyroscopic stabilization and patented flash lighting in order to capture the deep ocean in its truest motion and hues.

Bombardoo has also licensed unique tube and rail technology from Japan in order to devise an underwater propulsion system to transport divers quickly, and safely from one point in the ocean floor to another without concern for changing pressurization. This technology will be deployed in conjunction with Sikorski’s SEALAB to enable habitat residents to traverse the ocean at speeds that had not been previously possible.

The logistical benefits to this technology cannot be overstated, as it will allow the delivery of supplies and construction materials to distant points on the seafloor without the need for frequent, expensive, inefficient dives. This technology is going to bring undersea colonization into reach as a plausibility much faster than previously thought possible.

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