About the Organization

This organization needs little introduction. These individuals are employed by the government and have been posted to SEALAB to ensure the success and safety of the lives of the civilians on board the research vessel. These individuals have sworn oaths and live by the motto “When there is peace, be prepared for war.” This motto is exemplified by these individuals as they were all hand picked by the Naval Secretariat to participate in this special mission.

SEALAB Partnership

SEALAB will be operating in parts of the ocean where there have been historic military events. As such, the military has requested a presence to ensure the safety of civilians in the event that artifacts from previous military engagements are discovered. Some artifacts are property of the government and should be reclaimed. The Navy has also made official agreements with other nations to collect and return artifacts of their nations and governments as well.

Remarks Regarding Previous Sealabs

It is the official opinion of the Naval Secretariat that deep sea habitation and research will not yield significant results to justify the extensive costs of the operation. The Navy is only prepared to support this mission as a safeguarding effort because so many lives are at stake in an extremely hazardous environment.

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