AH Engineering

Corporate Information

AH Engineering is a multinational engineering firm that found its start in bog land reclamation in the Scottish Highlands. Once the company proved its environmental engineering mastery by stabilizing diminishing wildlife reservations for the Crown they were soon entrusted with following similar enterprises throughout the world including other territories of the crown as well as Australia and Canada. Today AH Engineering spans the globe and has demonstrated a mastery of engineering in all environments.


Along with AH Engineering’s mastery of environment stabilisation and creating self sufficient life support systems designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment they have also shown promise in programs designed to stabilize diminishing populations in the wilderness.

Goals and Aims aboard SEALAB

AH Engineering is eager to put their latest life support systems to the test providing self regulating and automatically replenishing carbon dioxide scrubbers for the Sealab along with other life support systems.  The highly specialized team of scientists they have sent along are also looking forward to the study of this latest environment about which so little is known.

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