Crew Recreation and Fraternization

To: All Crew
From: S.E.A.L.A.B. Joint Command
Date: March 3rd, 1989
Subject: Crew Recreation and Fraternization

We here at S.E.A.L.A.B. command have been made aware of concerns among the crew about how to spend off hours when aboard Sealab, given the space and equipment restrictions in place. All crew members should know that we here at S.E.A.L.A.B. command are aware of your concerns, and have taken measure to ensure your off hours aboard the lab are fun and fulfilling! Your mental and physical health is, as always, our number one priority.

Firstly, there is a recreational lounge provided aboard the Sealab with a variety of physical and mental games that will allow you to interact with your crew mates. In order to encourage camaraderie, all recreation tasks provided require a minimum of two participants. Any solo recreation should be done in your quarters. No crew member can or should be forced to engage in recreational activities (although commanding officers can order their team members to take time away from work).

Secondly, we are aware that there may be temptations towards crew member fraternization aboard the S.E.A.L.A.B. and that romantic encounters may occur. SEALAB partner companies and affiliates may have their own policies that are more strict than those enforced on the station. Our legal team has advised us that we are technically not allowed to forbid such encounters about our vessel. However, be aware that any crew members taking part in off-hours fraternization runs the following extreme risks.

  1. Unprofessional behavior can lead to poor crew member performance reviews and negatively impact careers
  2. Engaging in romantic trysts can lead to the transmission of social diseases, leading to severe illness and docked pay
  3. Team members who pressure or otherwise coerce their crew mates into romantic interactions will be immediately ejected from the lab. Into the ocean. And fed to sharks.

If, however, you still wish to engage in consensual fraternization, all involved crew members will recover all their bidding tokens in one category. This kind of fraternization can only be done once per game period, for fear of exhaustion in our low-oxygen environment. 

Third, in the event of extreme stress or behavioral issues, some crew members have access to narcotics and other chemical stimulants and relaxants through the medical bay.

Please keep all these guidelines in mind when attempting to relax and enjoy your time in our Sealab environment. If you have questions about the appropriateness of your recreational activities, please contact a human resources representative aboard the lab and they will help you. Don’t worry, all interactions with the Sealab staff will be kept in the strictest of confidentiality.

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