Bullets and Belles is a Deadlands inspired LARP set in the American South along the Mississippi River. The game will be steeped with Civil War politics; bayou flavored mysticism; and some good old fashioned gun slinging, romance, and adventure.

Welcome to Rodney, Mississippi, a town nestled along the Mississippi River where nothing much ever happens and nothing much ever changes. That used to be the case at least until The War took its toll on Natchez and caused an influx of new people and new excitement in Rodney.

Even now that The War has ended some of its horrors remain. Rodney is still trying to adjust to all of the new citizens, visitors, and monsters that seem to be appearing with an alarming frequency. There are plenty of unwelcomed Northerners, disenfranchised old plantation owners, and minorities who have more voice than ever before. All of this diversity causes conflicts in economics, spirituality, and progress and the locals haven’t yet mustered their magic, might, or money to solve any of these problems.
GAME STYLE: Theater, with an option for players to write their own character
GAME OCCURRENCES: Not a Campaign, One-Shot Weekend Length**
GAME DATE: Mar. 4-6, 2016
GAME LOCATION: Best Western Plus, King of Prussia, PA

Characters and Setting
Rules and Mechanics