Zaisho Corporation

Corporate Information

Zaisho Corporation maintains its world headquarters in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Japan. This Japanese corporation employs approximately 7,000 people worldwide. The company remains privately held and shares of the corporation are not traded on the open market.


Zaisho had its humble beginnings in small Kanagawan fishing villages. Fisherman were selling fish scales and waste to local farmers as fertilizers. The fisherman were also selling fish to apothecaries for their oils and various organs. Developing from hundreds of years of tradition, Zaisho brought these fisherman together to better capitalize on their efforts and reward these individuals with a better quality of life for their hard work. Zaisho organized the fishermen together into a merchant conglomerate which officially opened its doors in 1886 as the Zaisho Fisherman’s Association. In 1922 it was reorganized into the modern Zaisho Corporation, and vastly expanded its holdings as their business model had proven extremely successful and fishermen from far prefectures were clamoring to join the association.

In 1952, Zaisho purchased its first research vessel, a leftover and refurbished craft from the Japanese Self Defense Force, and launched its first R&D initiatives. Zaisho wanted to unlock the mysteries of the pharmacy that remained hidden in the Sea of Japan and in the Pacific Ocean. Zaisho’s research fleet now numbers over a dozen vessels in operations throughout the Pacific, performing deep sea oceanographic surveys and marine biological studies with the blessing of both the Japanese government and the United Nations.


Zaisho has hundreds of products in its portfolio. Some of these products include food products, glue, food and clothing dyes, and fertilizers. In 1973, Zaisho began dedicating substantial resources to pharmaceutical research and increased its investments into the research and study of the science behind traditional Chinese and Japanese remedies. As a result, they have patented and begun manufacturing a headache tablet and a number of skin ointments based on the discoveries of their rapidly growing Research Division.

Corporate Partnership

Zaisho is proud to announce its corporate involvement with the SEALAB research initiative being developed by Sikorski Drilling. Zaisho is eager to discover new marine specimens in its efforts to serve the people of Japan and the world.

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