Character List

To: Open Announcement to Public
From: SEALAB Joint Command
Date: January 1, 1989
Subject: SEALAB Staff and Personnel Deployment Roster

Congratulations to the following individuals for their selection and appointment to the SEALAB. Pre-deployment training will begin in two weeks. Those of us at surface command look forward to working with you over the coming weeks. .

Welcome Aboard.


Balthazar “Robbie” Robertson Command ♦ Sikorski Drilling
Robertson is one of the crew members who is returning to SEALAB after a previous deployment aboard one of the smaller, government operated sealabs. Robertson knows, better than most, what crew members have to face when living secluded on the ocean floor.

Cassandra “Sammy” Sampson Command ♦ Atlantean Foundation
Sammy is a resourceful individual who guards the habitat’s pantry and other resources. Sampson also coordinates efforts with Topside to keep materials transferring smoothly between the habitat and the surface support crew.

Charles “Ace” Turner  Command ♦ AH Engineering
Turner is a volcanologist whose knowledge may come in handy while the station explores and studies the volcanic vents on the sea floor in the area of the habitat. Turner is expected to be a staunch ally of the sciences among the command structure of the habitat.

Eliana “Nails” Paige Command University of Colorado
E. Paige is a communications expert whose previous work in ground/space communications will be tested against the tides and currents of the ocean. Paige is optimistic about meeting the challenges the ocean has to bring.

George “Boss” Sikorski Command Sikorski Drilling
SEALAB is the brainchild of G. Sikorski. Without Sikorski driving the initiative for the projects, it is likely to have never happened.

Helen “H.K.” Kirkpatrick Command/CO US Navy
H. Kirkpatrick has been appointed command of the SEALAB habitat. Kirkpatrick is unfamiliar with working with so many civilians and is still working on developing cohesion amongst the crew deployed on SEALAB.

Illyana “Kid” Grey Command Natural Discovery
I. Grey is the child of J. Grey. It’s unclear at this point whether the Kid wanted to be assigned to SEALAB or is only along to commemorate the event with family.

Mike “Shelly” Schell Command COMPASS
M. Schell is a SCUBA expert. Schell is a master diver with multiple specialities. Schell is timid as a leader, but clearly knowledgeable and capable.

Maureen “Duckie” Duckworth Command Zaisho Corp
M. Duckworth is a Chemist who hopes to expand upon real life experiences. Having spent only a few years out in the world away from the protection of university life, Duckworth has a great deal to learn, see, and explore.

Maximillian “Topo” Uhlich Command AH Engineering
Uhlich brings a set of critical skills to Sealab. Uhlich is an expert cartographer, oceanographer, and meteorologist. The command team will be relying heavily on Topo for intelligence to help keep the habitat and the crew safe.

Life Sciences

Delilah “Frogger” Frosch Life Science Dresden Wachsen
D. Frosch was a last minute addition to the deployment roster and is not well known among the crew.

February “Tex” Sheridan Life Science AH Engineering
Tex has come to Sealab by way of a popular aquapark and dolphinarium in Texas. With changing views on animal captivity, Sheridan has become an advocate for the release and enjoyment of Cetacea in the wild.

Kierra “Bogger” Frazirn Life Science/Head of Dept  AH Engineering
K. Frazirn works as an ecologist because that pays the bills, however as a hobby, K. enjoys travelling the world looking for and excavating prehistoric fossils.

Maxime “Fish Sticks” Fishbein Life Science AH Engineering
M. Fishbein has some scuba experience and some experience working on ships. Fishbein doesn’t have the academic pedigree that many of the other crew members have, but as a young crew member offers a great deal of enthusiasm.

Mick “Inky” Gormund Life Science Zaisho Corp
Gormund is an invertebrate expert who has studied mollusks (specifically squid and octopus) almost exclusively. Gormund is an experimental biologist who is hoping for the next scientific breakthrough from any newly discovered deep ocean species.

Roxy “Hard Rock” Jones   Life Science Sikorski Drilling
Jones works with Brothers. If anyone is going to find deep ocean gold or mineral riches, its Jones. Jones is also a hobbyist botanist who looks forward to helping with some of the partner programs on SEALAB.

Thtevie “Jaws” Kelly Life Science  AH Engineering
T. Kelly has been working as part of a very small research operation in California tagging and monitoring shark movement near the areas beaches. Kelly’s research funding dried up after recent movie releases.

Willa “Spike” Samen Life Science Dresden Wachsen
Samen’s favorite sea creature is the sea urchin, in all of its varietals. Spike is a marine botanist who has spent a number of years studying invertebrates. Samen is hoping to find some similarities between creating healthy gardens and healthy beds of invertebrates.


Benjamin “DaVinci” Yardley Engineering ♦ Sikorski Drilling
B. Yardley is the engineers and architect who has paintakinging designed SEALAB and have overseen its creation. Yardley is ectatic to be deployed on that station in order to experience the great success or failure of many years of work.

Benjamin “Digits” Masters Engineering ♦ Zaisho Corp
B. Masters is a Mathematician who has a genius intellect. However, Masters leaves a bit to be desired with regard to people skills at times and can sometimes seem awkward or bumbling.

Charles “Johnny 5” Vetter Engineering ♦ University of Colorado
C. Vetter is a robotics expert. Vetter has some new gizmos and gadgets that should make life and science on board SEALAB more efficient and enjoyable.

Demitrios “DJ” Everly  Engineering Bombardoo
D.J. Every is a bit of an adrenaline sports junkie. When Everly isn’t dashing around the world cheating death, Everly is working on the sea train system and reviewing habitat structure for safety maintenance.

Dharma “Rosie” Rosemont Engineering Dresden Wachsen
D. Rosemont is one of the agricultural specialists on board. Rosemont is an ace mechanic who excels at fixing small mechanical engines.

Éomer “8-Bit” Martin Engineering Natural Discovery
SEALAB boasts some state of the art equipment cutting edge technology. E. Martin has been deployed to the habitat to make sure these systems function and remain functional. Martin is one of the least experienced divers on the habitat.

Gavin “Slick” Brothers Engineering Sikorski Drilling
G. Brothers is a long time friend of Sikorski’s. Brothers is also one of the Sikorski drilling experts who hopes to find and acquire enough resources to help Sikorski recoup SEALAB’s financial investment.

Harry “Radar” Anderson Engineering Dresden Wachsen
Radar can generally pinpoint a mig before it appears on screen. Radar’s senses are keen and with MacAlpine’s help, nothing should sneak up on or startle the crew aboard the SEALAB habitat.

Hudson “Songbird” Canary Engineering Bombardoo
Canary is an Australian engineer on the Bombardoo team. Canary is hoping to see the success of the sea train system being tested and work out any bugs that cop up along the way.

Lane “Smalls” Smalley Engineering US Navy
L. Smalley is an engineer who has the daunting task of overseeing the filtration systems on the station. Waste needs to go out, air needs to move, and water needs desalinated. There are a lot of filters and Smalley does not have an easy job.

Philip “P.T.” Boggs Engineering/Head of Dept  Bombardoo
Boggs is a seasoned mariner who has a great handle on the rest of the Engineering team. Boggs is wise enough to let people do their job, but also willing to step in to take action when needed to keep the habitat systems in working order.

Solomon “Mac” MacAlpine   Engineering AH Engineering
S. MacAlpine spent a requisite four years in the Navy, but then retreated to Maine to pursue a great love of fishing. MacAlpine helped to engineer some new state of radio fish finding sensors.


August “Rocky” Lagua Medical ♦ COMPASS
A number of the systems on board the SEALAB habitat have radioactive qualities or warnings. A. Lagua is an expert at dealing with radioactive materials safely and ensuring the health and welfare of the crew in the presence of such potential hazards.

Brooke “Bubbles” Wills Medical Dresden Wachsen
B. Wills is more accustomed to working with farm animals, but undoubtedly some of the same care and bedside manner that Wills practices with hogs and cattle will transition well to fish and dolphins. Some scientists have raised some concerns, but Dresden Wachsen has insisted on Wills presence on the deployment.

Finn “Grinder” Arima Medical Zaisho Corp
F. Arima is a pharmacologist who works almost exclusively with marine substances to develop curatives. Arima bases research on ancient and modern medicinal theories and practices.

Jayne “Ash” Winters Medical, Head of Dept.  COMPASS
Winters is a competent and capable medical expert. Winters is hoping to study the neurological impact of prolonged deployment in the habitat in hopes of adequately preparing individuals for further, future sea exploration.

Juliette “Buddy” Grey Medical Sikorski Drilling J. Grey has spent more time on sealabs than any other individual in the world. Grey’s child is also assigned to the habitat. It was a suprise to many when Grey agreed to return and even more surprising when Grey wasn’t appointed as the Chief Medical Officer.

Phoebe “Skittles” Kitts Medical Zaisho Corp
P. Kitts would rather be on the surface catching some waves. A trip to the Great Barrier Reef can wait though. Kitts decided to answer the call of the deep ocean and spend some time putting their medical skills to use for a great scientific cause. Plus- how rad would it be to tell stories about the deep blue sea to the other wave junkies?

Raina “Bones” Harris  Medical University of Colorado
R. Harris is an experienced physician and coroner. Harris has the unfortunate job of retrieving and cataloging any human remains that might be able to give surfaceside families information or peace about lost loved ones claimed by the sea.

Roger “Specs” Heatherly  Medical AH Engineering
Dr. Heatherly has a prestigious academic background and career experience helping individuals who have experienced physical trauma. Given the stress and unique environment of SEALAB, having a psychiatrist on board will be highly beneficial to the crew.

Thalia “Freud” Harris Medical University of Colorado
T. Harris is a psychologist who doesn’t feel the need to dissect individuals thoughts and actions. Harris takes on a more behavioral and humanistic approach as an effort to tend to the welfare and well-being of the crew.


Bobby “Wings” Brown Security ♦ US Navy
B. Brown is a Naval aviator who requested to deploy with SEALAB. Brown can recount a number of downed aircraft in the Pacific and with all the young scientists aboard, Browns military experience will clearly be needed by the captain.

Claude “Hot Stuff” Lefebvre Security ♦ Sikorski Drilling
Lefebvre is one of the crew members who is returning to SEALAB after a previous deployment aboard one of the smaller, government operated sealabs. Lefebvre knows, better than most, what secrets await the crew in the dark ocean waters.

Ernest “Moose” Elan Security AH Engineering Keen eyesight and deadly aim mean that Moose’s high school on Space Invaders should remain safe during the undersea deployment.

Kiley “Lagoon” Winton Security Atlantean FoundationK. Winton is a historic weapons and martial arts expert. K will assuredly be integral to keeping the crew aboard the undersea habitat safe through the duration of the deployment.

Luke “Taco” Colmacho Security Natural Discovery
L. Colmacho is aboard SEALAB to ensure that Hunt’s docuseries makes it back to the surface. The mysterious loss of information from previous sealab deployments is unacceptable and Colmacho refuses to accept similar failure.

Oscar “Oregon” Mohen Security US Navy
O. Mohen is a Navy Seal who is self-confident. Mohen is an advanced diver with a great deal of pride in martial skills that borders on conceit.

Peggy “Sprout” van der Garten Security Sikorski Drilling
P. van der Garten has two roles aboard SEALAB. van der Garten serves as a member of the security staff, but possibly more significantly as the chaplain for those underwater on the habitat.

Quillon. “Benjamins” Cash Security/Head of Dept  COMPASS
If there is a job that needs doing, Q. Cash will get it done efficiently, effectively, and without complaint. Cash is no nonsense and exudes seriousness.

Roland “Broadside” Barnes Security Sikorski Drilling
One of the only people who understand the tension and pressure that H. Kirkpatrick is about to be under is R. Barnes. Barnes has been previously deployed on a sealab mission. Barnes surprised many by agreeing to return to sea aboard the SEALAB habitat.

Weston “West” Kitts Security US Navy W. Kitts is a history buff who is also a demolitions expert. The deployment site is near a number of unexplored hot spots from World War 2 and Kitts may be instrumental in making sure the habitat and crew stay safe.

Interdepartmental Specialists

Alyssa “The Face” Hunt Interdepartmental ♦ Natural Discovery Jacques Cousteau’s docuseries on marine life has taken the world by storm. A. Hunt is the face of the American operation trying to take a bite of of Cousteau’s profits by documenting life aboard SEALAB for future generations.

Camden “Carolina” Jamesward Interdepartmental ♦ Atlantean Foundation
C. Jamesward is hoping to pioneer new strategies in artifact discovery and retrieval. As an archaeologist, Jamesward is hoping to become a reputable name in antiquities.

Jacquelyn “Jack” Parsons Interdepartmental COMPASS
J. Parsons is the picture of professionalism and composure. Parsons have found great financial success in life and is spending some of that fortune funding SEALAB and it’s scientific experiments.

Lenore “Deadbolt” Dobbs Interdepartmental Atlantean Foundation
Dobbs has spent a lifetime studying shipwrecks and has enthusiasm matched by none to be selected for deployment at the SEALAB habitat. Dobbs is hoping to count and catalog a number of ships that have been suspected lost to Marianas Trench.

Michael “Star” Starinski Interdepartmental University of Colorado
M. Starinksi is an astrophysicist who has joined the SEALAB team. Starinski is hoping ot apply some exterrestrial knowledge of rock formations to the rock and formations in and around Mariana’s Trench

Sebastian”Landlubber” Paris   Interdepartmental Bombardoo
S. Paris is a business magnate and entrepreneur. Paris is working with Bombardoo to explore some opportunities in the area in planning an aquapark. Paris is an adventure seeker who has logged hundreds of hours of flight time in personal aircraft. Paris is one of the least experienced divers on board but is excited about new opportunities and challenges.

Scott “Reels” Hart Interdepartmental Natural Discovery
S. Hart is a SEALAB veteran who is working with the documentation team to record and catalog events on the habitat so that the knowledge isn’t lost to future generations.

Temperance “Moneybags” Charles Interdepartmental Bombardoo
Charles represents the financial interests of the SEALAB partners during the deployment. Charles is also a renowned art and antiquities collector who will be scoring the ocean floor for great finds.

Tessa “Shredder” Ormond Interdepartmental Natural Discovery
T. Ormand is the third member of the documentation crew. Ormand is rarely seen without photographic equipment. Shredder is also an avid surfer who is pretty ‘stoked’ to be aboard SEALAB.

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