Writers and GMs

Rita F

Rita started GMing LARPs back in 2004. The first game she ever wrote was a short, silly 2 hour pirate adventure that ran at GenCon in 2005. She has also written a couple of other short convention larps that varied in theme from simple family drama to suspense. She worked as one of the many writers and GMs in the Threads of Damocles campaign and also spent time as a writer and briefly as the Creative Director at the long running Xanodria Productions.

After having game concepts or GMing experience rejected by some other LARP producers, she decided to go all in- on herself- and try writing and producing her own, weekend long theatre style larp. Sealab will be her fourth weekend long game. She’s honestly still in shock that other people liked this concept enough to want to hang out in this genre for a weekend.

Christian G.

Christian is an avid larper and artist who forever disproves the adage that practice makes perfect. He has written for a larp you have never heard of called Legends of the Mark, which has run continuously for over thirty years. He has chewed scenery in several larps and is quite excited to try new genres. He most likely needs therapy, despite a happy life.

David Groveman

David is a published author with experience in playwriting and screenwriting. He is a storyteller for Sacred Grounds Gaming and a member of Nerdy City. David is a silly person who loves to bring levity and joy to the characters he plays and stories he writes.

Holly W.

Holly has been kitchen staff at more games than she has played in (PC and NPC combined). Sealab will be her first attempt at cooking up adventure instead of food.

Matt H.

Matt is an enthusiastic gamer and game writer with a penchant for interpersonal character drama and creating special snowflake powers. He has written games about time-travelers, Harry Potter, Cthulhu cults, and gangsters with varying levels of silliness. If your character powers are all the names of Wu Tang songs or you discover your order’s code of ethics is just a combination of Asimov’s laws and the rules of Death Note, you can probably safely blame Matt.

Michael H.

Mike started playing RPGs in 1989 and LARPing in 1998. He has nearly as many years of experience with running games as he does playing in them. He’s run on-going campaigns for both Table Top and LARPs as well as “one-shot” events. This will be his second time working with this group, but he is looking forward to having fun with everyone involved.

Patrick R. Venable

Patrick began LARPing with the Wilmark Dynasty in his early 20’s and has been doing so for more than a decade. He has extensive experience playing in various theatrical and boffer-style LARPs including Wilmark Dynasty weekend theatrical games, NERO Boffer LARP, and Camarilla Mind’s Eye Theatre play. He also enjoys playing in, writing, and running a variety of tabletop roleplaying games. Especially 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons! This will be Patrick’s second LARP project, after the humorous and intense weekend LARP Monsters in the White City produced by Wilmark Dynasty in 2017.

Peter B.

Peter started playing in LARPs back in high-school days and after a brief hiatus fell in with the Brassy’s Men and 1948:Signals crowds helping with cast and set work.  Eventually he took the plunge and ran a Game of Thrones campaign back before HBO and the world realized the sales potential.  Since then he has been off and on again helping with writing, GMing, and rules-monkeying whenever Rita puts the call out (and sometimes when she tells him not to).

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