Dresden Wachsen

Corporate Information

Dresden Wachsen (DW) is a government owned company located in East Germany. The company is run by a board of directors that have been appointed by Egon Krantz. The company handles all research and development as it pertains to agriculture.


Dresden Wachsen’s most noteworthy discovery is a chemical compound that strengthens cell wall structures and increases the quantity of fibrous connective tissue in plant stems. DW was highly criticized when state sponsored medical researchers used the compound to synthesize a version for humans that enhances skeletal strength and as a side effect, enhances athletic performance.

Goals and Aims aboard SEALAB

DW wishes to explore the growth and cultivation of marine plants, including algae and kelp. These plants are high in mineral and vitamin content and the DW would like to study samples of additional varietals that could be cultivated in the Baltic.

In addition, DW is contributing funds to establish a marine spore vault. East German has acknowledge the value of the other seed vaults in the world and they wish to aid and support this effort for as many plant species as possible.

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