University of Colorado

University Information

Founded in 1876, the same year Colorado was made a state, the university of Colorado now consists of four campuses united in making a difference in the lives of nearly 15,000 new graduates each year. With campuses in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Anschutz, the University offers over 300 degree programs to choose from.

The Coulson Grant

A joint research commitment by the United States Air Force and National Air and Space Administration, the Coulson Grant represents a significant block of funding and resources to be devoted to a university “In pursuit of the advancement of applied scientific research in the United States and advancing the American scientific landscape.” The University of Colorado won the Coulson Grant after a rigorous two-year nationwide selection process, thanks in great part to our award-winning Astronomy, Mineral Science and Geology programs as well as our expertise in Applied Mining Techniques. This generous grant has allowed the University the opportunity to partner with a private research venture in order to engage in applied scientific research in the field.

Partnership with SEALAB

The University of Colorado is thrilled to announce our partnership with the SEALAB research initiative and Sikorski Drilling. With research grants from USAF and NASA, the University is proud to join Sikorski Drilling in exploring the mysteries of the deep ocean. In addition to providing offshore scientific support, laboratory analysis and academic resources, the University will also be contributing highly skilled personnel to this endeavor.

Why University of Colorado? Why SEALAB?

The University of Colorado has premiere programs in Mineral Science, Geology, Applied Mining Techniques, and other fields that will prove extremely useful to the SEALAB project. Thanks to modern communications technology, the University can provide offshore laboratory, research and logistical support even from as far as Colorado. Teams of experts are standing by to analyze samples sent back by SEALAB collection experts and to provide library and research support to SEALAB personnel. The University is a nationally renowned research university with a strong commitment to advancing applied science within its programs, and SEALAB is the most exciting research initiative since the moon launch. It is only natural that, thanks to the Coulson Grant, these two organizations cooperate in the name of advancing American scientific research.

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