Longer and Deeper

Boston Daily News, April 1965

The Navy hates to lose and it never gives up. After SEALAB 1 and its aquanauts came up ten days short of its intended goals, the Navy went to work investigating and planning on ways to improve life for the staff deployed in such a physically demanding atmosphere. New refrigeration units have been developed for the preservation of food. The development team was quite happy to boast about the hot showers that are to be installed on SEALAB 2 as well. The dive suits to be utilized by the crew will have heating filaments in them to stave off the intense cold of the ocean’s depth. Lastly, the Navy has a series of scientific experiments planned to help keep the aquanauts busy and mentally engaged during their trip into the ocean.

To further shake off any ill omens lingering from the failed SEALAB 1 mission, SEALAB 2 will be deployed at a depth three times greater than that of SEALAB 1 and for an additional 7 days. This reporter will have fingers crossed in hopes that the Navy managed to pull off a 30 days target after the last attempt came up so short.

The crew for SEALAB 22 consists primarily of new faces. However, J. Grey will be returning to the ocean floor once again. Joining Grey are new aquanauts, C. Lefebvre, S. Hart, and B. Honeywell.

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