SEALAB Expansion Mechanic

To: Engineering Personnel
From: SEALAB Joint Command
Date: March 01, 1989
Subject: Welcome Briefing, SEALAB Engineering Crew

Welcome aboard the SEALAB Engineering Team! As you know, the SEALAB is one of the most complex and cutting edge pieces of engineering technology in the history of humankind, and we are hoping that you will join us in making it even better!

The S.E.A.L.A.B. – Self-contained Engineering And Lifeform Analysis Bio-enclosure – is designed to function indefinitely with little-to-no interaction with the surface world. As a result, it’s important that you and your colleagues remember that it’s your job to keep our bio-enclosure providing for the needs of the crew. As it was first constructed, the lab was designed to support up to 50 crew members, but as our research opportunities expanded, so did our team! So we would like you, with the help of the command team, to design and build the necessary structures to expand the base to stabilize the running capacity.

The habitat is currently tracking the generation and usage of five key components deemed necessary for lab functionality and maintenance: Power, Filtration, Waste, Food, and Security. There are additional lab benefits being tracked, but these utilities do not impact the viability of the station.

Starting Habitat

Situation Analysis

Presently, the station produces enough power to meet the power demand. Changing other aspects of the station will assuredly change the power draw. If the stations power usage exceeds its power generation, there will be brown or black outs. Access to labs will be limited as those resources will cease functioning. More importantly, buoyancy devices will fail as will life support functions.


The people on the station are relying on the engineering team to maintain the proper air mixtures on board. The filtration systems are necessary to make sure that the cabins don’t get flooded with too much carbon dioxide or oxygen. The filtration scores also consider fresh water for drinking and showers. Remote monitors indicate that there is a filtration issue on board that needs to be resolved immediately.


People generate waste. Liquid and biological solid waste is currently expelled from the habitat. Presently, the waste lingers in the immediate area around the habitat and relies on currents to remove it from the area. This has impacts on the filtration system. Physical waste is moved to plastic canisters. When these canisters are filled, a button is pressed deploying air filled floats. The canisters float to the surface and are collected by topside. It is possible for a trash container to be missed by topside and left adrift at sea. Even though the lab workers are not wallowing in filth and refuse, the polluting nature of waste has caused this item to be classified as threat level alpha.


All food on SEALAB at this time is prepackaged and was shipped to the station with the supply crates. Immediate review and assessment shows that some of the set-up team have either lost a supply crate or consumed more rations than they are allocated. There is presently enough food for 30 people to consume adequate calories daily. There are over 60 people who will be deployed to the station in March. Command is working to get additional supplies deployed to the station.


SEALAB has been built in international waters and it not owned by any single nation. It’s offensive and defensive capabilities are limited. Any changes to security function will impact the stations other mandated functions. There are presently no known Security threats.


These ratings indicate the size/quality of the lab facilities and functions on SEALAB. All labs have been outfitted with supplies and equipment deemed necessary to perform the functions of SEALABs planned experiments. To achieve world wide acclaim and recognition, SEALAB Command would like to see the utility functions improved and a net utility rating over 100 achieved.

Modifying/Expanding SEALAB

Expansion modules are all blueprints. They are built the same way that other items are created in game. Upon completing the blueprint, you will gain the costs/benefits of adding the module to the station. Tape the module to the board in the game space so everyone is aware of what modules and benefits are currently available.

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