Restoring Body

Body is one of the primary character stats in SEALAB. It represents physical health, strength, and endurance in the face of challenging and harrowing situations. Characters may gain Body throughout the game through combat and other stressful situations. When a character’s Body stat reaches 6, they must retreat from the situation. They must also seek medical aid and attention within 15 minutes of reaching 6. Failure to repair and lower one’s Body stat will result in character death. Characters with a Body of 6 may not enter into combat, perform skill checks, or engage in social activity.

There are a couple of ways for characters to lower their Body rating.

1. Locate a character that has the Specialized Skill: Surgery. Engage in 15 minutes of role play with the character. After 15 minutes, the character may perform a skill test using their Surgery skill. A successful pull from the test bag means that the character undergoing surgery subtracts 2 Body.

There is no limit to the number of times a person with the specialized skill can use their skills during a game period. The number of times a person will utilize their specialized skill depends on their own wishes and desires to role play. Just because a person has a skill to help you, it doesn’t mean they will. There are multiple characters in game with this skill.

2. Locate an item card that can be used immediately to lower the Body rating. These are rare and will be dependent on players utilizing the Item Creation rules and Blueprints in game. Item cards are limited resources and should be used with consideration. Specific rules or limitations are specified on individual cards.

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