Creating Items


Some skill tests require a workstation, blueprint, and/or components to be in place before the test can be performed. Workstations will contain labels that indicate which skill tests can be performed at those stations. The following item is an example of a workstation.

Upgrading a Workstation

The sample workstation shown above is for a single person workstation. The item card lists upgrade costs!

The first word listed is the skill required to upgrade this item. In this specific case, the skill needed is Structures. The second number given is time needed to upgrade. A player with the Structures skill will need to role play for 10 minutes to upgrade the station. The chemical equation is a code for the materials that will be needed to perform the upgrade- C5O2P3. Explanations of this code will be provided to staff in individual departments.

Acquiring Resources

There are a number of ways to acquire resources during the game. They may be gained by defeating obstacles, completing dive adventures, or by breaking down other in game items.

One of the available workstations in game is an Extraction Station. The following walkthrough describes the process of acquiring resources through extraction.

  1. Take an item card to the Extraction Station.
  2. At the extraction station, you will find a container of multi-color beads. Using the code on the item card, sort and collect the beads specified on the item card. In the example given, a trident can be extracted to collect 3 clear beads, 2 yellow beads, and 3 red beads.
  1. After you collect the specified beads,
    1. deposit the item card into the extraction machine (a box with a slit for the collection of the cards)
    2. go to the storage bins in YOUR DEPARTMENT (the department on the card is irrelevant)
    3. deposit the beads into the corresponding containers in YOUR DEPARTMENT.

Note: You may not carry around BEADS. You may only carry around item cards. Beads are only to be transported from point of acquisition to deposit in your departmental storage.

Partially Used Items

If an item has a limited quantity of uses, such as the Trident shown above, using the item will diminish the amount of resources that can be extracted from the item. Subtract 2 resource beads (player’s choice) from the total amount that would otherwise be gained for each use that has been marked off on the item card.

The above trident has the potential to be turned into 8 resource beads. Using it two times would eliminate 4 beads from the total. Using the trident 4 or even 5 times for its combat advantage would render it useless for crafting.

Creating an Item from a Blueprint

The following is a sample blueprint.

The following walkthrough describes the process of creating the blueprint sample that is depicted above.

  1. Verify that the necessary workstation is available and that you have access to it. Some workstations are limited to certain departments. This information will be specified on the Workstation card. This example utilizes the Electronics. Also, verify that you have the skills required to build the invention.
  1. Collect the required components from the departmental storage bins that match the department in the top right corner of the blueprint. If the necessary components are not available, the blueprint cannot be made. More parts are needed.
  1. Proceed to the workstation indicated on the invention and role play for the amount of time indicated on the workstation. When the time has elapsed check in with the Invention GM and collect the replacement Item Card.

Resource Consumption

After a skill test is performed, regardless of the test’s success or failure, resources are consumed. Not all skill tests require a resource to complete. You are on your honor to put spent, failed resources back in the supply on your own.

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