Sikorski Drilling

CEO Biography

Sikorski took out a small business loan to start an oil company in 1978. The first derrick pumped money out of the ground and straight into the coffers. Sikorski Drilling was founded and it was a smash success. Only a year later, in 1980, Sikorski expanded to include offshore operations, taking advantage of experience with both sailing and diving. Profits have been strong and G. Sikorski has decided to share corporate gains by funding private research in oceanography and maritime technology.

Underwater Habitat

In 1985, Sikorski announced intentions to resume the onerous work begun by the United States Goverment’s SEALAB teams. Sikorski proclaimed construction of a state-of-the art habitat in the ocean that would allow divers to stay underwater for prolonged periods of time, which would alleviate lost time and money from the constant need for depressurization. For this effort, Sikorski has connected with some of the brightest minds in the world. A small test capsule was built and deployed in late 1986.

Government Participation

With the possibility of man living at-depth in the ocean, excitement continues to grow and creates interest around the world. Sikorski Drilling continues engagement in negotiations with national and international entities to discuss and plan placement of the habitat and potential research partnerships.

It is an exciting time to be a part of Sikorski Drilling!

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