On the Rocks


A character’s quiddity represents how much energy that they have as a god. The quantity of quiddity a character has fuels everything from their ability to perform miracles to their ability to create edifices. Quiddity is like a “mana” pool with which a character draws essence from. Quiddity isn’t flesh or blood, but it is also inextricably linked to a god’s life. Without believers, a god’s quiddity will run out and they may cease to exist!

Character sheets will show quiddity in two ways.  There is a permanent quiddity rating for a god and also a temporary one. There will be more detailed rules about the difference and relationship between these two items at a later time.

Quiddity Drain

Drain is how much quiddity is lost at the end of each game period. It’s a cost to exist.

Gaining and Using Quiddity

During the game players will encounter plot opportunities that may allow them to gain additional quiddity. Players will also encounter plot events where they must spend quiddity. While it may seem sensible to horde and squander your quiddity, it makes more sense to explore plot opportunities and engage and interact with other characters because you may discover that a quiddity expense ends up with a better rate of return in the end.

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