On the Rocks

Inebriation Mechanics

Las Vegas is a notorious destination for fun and vices. Booze is common and is one of the primary sources of entertainment in the desert. Inebriation represents a character’s level of drunkenness. As a character gain inebriation they may become louder, clumsier, more sullen, or more combative. Inebriation is also used by characters during combat situations.

Each character in the game has a desired inebriation value that falls between 1 (I’m here for the scenery) and 9 (PARTY!!!). This value indicates how much a character has imbibed and should also steer the player in their role playing path to some degree. Individual characters sheets will list any side-effects from going under or over the desired inebriation range for the character.

Sobering Up

You can’t stay drunk forever. Characters sober up at the rate of one per hour. At the top of the hour, subtract one from your sobriety rating. You only sober up during game time, so on meal breaks and inactive game times, you retain your inebriation level.

Additionally, after resolving a combat, both individuals in the fight sober up by 1.

Gaining Inebriation

No alcohol is being served to players in the game space. Players who obtain drinks from the casino will will given a tasty non-alcoholic beverage and a card indicating what they have consumed and how many inebriation points that they have gained.

Drink Responsibly

No alcohol is being served to players in the game space. There is a bar located on the hotel premises and the game recognizes that players may elect to bring their own beverages into the game space. This is permitted. Please drink responsibly, don’t drive if you’ve been drinking, and be cognizant of the game’s Code of Conduct.

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