On the Rocks


Some people have been given characters who are entertainers. Most people have characters who are not entertainers. Any player is welcome to perform at the Sahara Sands Hotel and Casino. Just because a character is not listed as a performer, doesn’t mean that the character doesn’t have talent or desire for the stage. Additionally, just because a character is a performer- it doesn’t mean that that character is under any contractual obligation to perform during the event. Performing is a player choice. As a player, you choose what your character does and doesn’t do. You choose your motivations and you build your roadblocks.

Audience Behavior Rules:

  1. Don’t heckle. Its mean. Negative commentary and jerk behavior will result in quiddity deductions from your character.
  2. Applaud and cheer for all performers. People are gifting you a song, a poem, a dance, a story, a show- thank them.
  3. Stay off the stage unless you are performing.

Notes to Performers:

  1. Be brave. You are awesome.
  2. Plots unrelated to a performance may interrupt a performance. If something happens while you are performing and you want to react to it in character- by all means- you may stop your performance and interact with the plot.
  3. GMs will be conferring with the DJ who is setting up equipment for us to confirm formats for musical accompaniment. We will have game staff available to help with equipment. If the electronics aren’t yours- don’t break them, ask for help before use.
  4. [Perhaps…] It is up to players to take the stage and perform when they wish to. The GMs will not be managing a schedule of performances.


  1. Each character has a performance score on their character sheet. This number does not indicate the quality of a performance. This number indicates how much Quiddity a character can gain by performing at the Sahara Sands.
  2. Each character may use their performance score once per game period.  Friday-Saturday. They must actually perform on the stage to receive the benefit.
  3. Players may perform more times as they choose; they will just forego benefit from subsequent performances (beyond the first in each game period).
  4. There may be abilities in the game that allow characters to gain Quiddity from performances additional times.
  5. After performing, the player fills out a performance card and drops it in the GM mailbox. Quiddity gained will be deposited into the player mailbox at the beginning of the next game period.


  1. Performers may choose to dedicate their performance to a person or a cause. They must say their dedication at the beginning or the ending of their performance. It’s a public declaration of support or devotion.
  2. When a dedication is made, Quiddity goes directly to the cause/issue or individuals that was named in the dedication and not to the performer.
  3. Dedications earn 2X the performance rating in quiddity for an issue. [Performance X 2]
  4. Dedications earn 2+ the performance rating in quiddity for another individual. [Performance +2]
  5. If you declare a dedication with your performance, you MUST fill out the dedication line on the performance card.
  6. Any GM or NPC can initial a performance card.

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