On the Rocks

Romance Rules

Information and Participation

Las Vegas is a place of magic, mystery, and secrets. Many people travel to the desert oasis to escape the realities of their everyday life and to be entertained and transported to a land of imagination. Families vacation in Walt Disney’s theme parks, adults vacation in Las Vegas where the fun is a bit less child friendly.

The Romance Mechanic in On the Rocks is optional. Players can earn mechanical benefits for their characters by using the Romance mechanic, however there are other ways to earn similar mechanical rewards in the game.

There are a number of people in the game who are not comfortable with romance. These rules do not aim to make players uncomfortable or the targets of unwanted flirtations. Please read over the Romance Tasks and decide for yourself whether you are comfortable assigning them to other individuals or having them assigned to you. If the items on this list seem like enjoyable role playing opportunities, then feel free to engage in the romance mechanic. If the items on the list make you uncomfortable, you may decline to engage in this mechanic. It’s entirely up to you.

If you would like to participate in the mechanic, please place a Red heart on your badge. You are now participating in the mechanic. You may now engage in Romantic tasks with other players.

Please keep in mind that touching other players requires their consent- each and every time.

Don’t Be “That Guy”

In the real world, two people in a bar have a variety of options to disengage and avoid one another. For example if you are being pursued by someone making you uncomfortable, you can duck into a restroom and hope they move along or ask a friend to be a distraction. Ultimately- you can leave. A bar is an open environment wherein people may enter and exit freely. A LARP is not a bar. People are free to move about the space from room to room, but they are less free to just exit the experience. The environment is more like a fish tank. A fish may swim away or be out of sight for a while, but they are still present.

Please be cognizant of your behaviors at all times. Things you say and actions you take can offend other people and the people you offend are not able to get away from you.

If a situation is making you uncomfortable, for any reason, simply call “Break” and exit the situation. The person who initiated the break determines when they are ready (if at all) to resume the situation with you.

Romance Role Play

For On the Rocks, I am abandoning the previous task based romance mechanic that I had used in my previous games. I am instead providing a list of romantic role play ideas that you may elect to use or ignore at your own discretion. If you would like to make up your own romantic overtures, please feel free to do so, but please always keep in mind the comfort and consent of your fellow players.

  1. Hold my hand under the table
  2. Have a drink with me
  3. Share 15 minutes of philosophical conversation together
  4. Listen to a lounge act with me
  5. Sing a duet with me
  6. Dance with me
  7. Do something spontaneous to make me smile
  8. Bet on my favorite race horse or camel
  9. Make me an edifice
  10. Take me for a drive to Area 51
  11. Have a double date
  12. Kiss my hand
  13. Giggle with me in a dark corner
  14. Be naughty together
  15. Inspire me
  16. Help me achieve a goal
  17. Support an issue I believe in
  18. Do something self-sacrificing
  19. Help/harm mortals to my enjoyment
  20. Do something to help my pantheon
Why Romance?

As previously mentioned, romance has a mechanical game advantage. Each and every god in the game needs power to do various things. Romance provides a connectivity and union between two people- even if it is just for a moment. In a romantic moment, a character may:

  1. Give 1-2 points of quiddity to another player
  2. Take 1 point of quiddity from another player
  3. Pool all of the quiddity between 3 players  (menage-et-trois) and divide it back evenly among the contributors (not exceeding their maximum)
Romantic Places

On the Rocks will set up a couple of choice romantic destinations for characters. These will be in game locations that are breathtaking or are awe-inspiring and are great places for in character dates or excursions. After having a date at one of these special locations, players will roll 1d4 and gain that much quiddity to be shared between the two people at the location.

Players may only visit one of these special locations once per game period.

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