On the Rocks

Combat Rules

When gods get angry with one another, they generally express that anger by mucking in the lives of mortals that their enemy cares about. This sort of passive aggressive maneuvering doesn’t sit well with a couple of gods and they may actually decide to throw a punch or two. The gods are meeting at the Sahara Sands hotel and casino, a place filled with humans and because of this, they can’t really fling lightning bolts at one another or summon flocks of ravens to pluck eyes out, so they resort to the same pugilistic behaviors of their mortal counterparts.

For Combat, throw Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) versus another player. The winner of RPS adds +2 to their inebriation score. Add bonuses from any other applicable sources (edifices, moots, etc.) The character with the higher total wins. Winning a fight means that you have knocked the other character out and they are out for 5 minutes. During this time you can take some casino chips or steal a single item or negotiate some other exchange that makes sense and agreed upon by both players.

Notes: It is possible to win RPS and still lose a fight. Adding inebriation to a combat does not mean that being drunk makes you a better fighter. It means that when you are drunk you are more violently out of control and that you are more capable of stumbling into tables, breaking lamps, and doing more collateral type damage.

More Notes: Getting in a fist fight in a restricted area is not a great idea. You may suffer in game consequences for punching out a general on a military base or getting in a row with the talent in one of the casino lounges.

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