Creature College

Mid-term Mechanics

Mid-term exams will happen on Friday night. Professors will be required to give them. Students will be required to take them. Ugh! The worst- right?! 

Mid Term exams will be pen/paper puzzles/games/mazes/coloring pages. Think of activities from say a 5th grade activity booklet. The exams are intended to take 15-20 minutes of player time and will have plot impacts on the weekend! You will not need to study for them. They will not be hard. They will in no way impact your real life outside of the game. If you suffer from test anxiety IRL and you feel like mazes,  mad lib worksheets, word searches may trigger you, please reach out to me separately so we can make accommodations to allow for your comfort and safety.

Student Responsibilities

Each Student will be given a set of mid terms with their character packets. They are required to turn in a mid-term on Friday night at game to the professor who issued the exam. Failure to turn in a mid term will result in an F/0 points.

Professor Responsibilities

Each Professor will be given an answer key for their exam. They are required to give students grades on the exams and turn in their grade sheets to the GMs on Friday by 1 A.M. Professors may decide for themselves how they would like to handle their grading curve. Professors must give F’s to students who do not turn in an exam at all. 

Fraternity Eligibility

  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher to participate in a fraternity. This rule has not been enforced stringently, but that is changing and students are expected to bring their GPA up. 
  • Fraternities are expected to have an AVERAGE GPA of 3.25 from its members in order to complete in Greek Week activities and to accept new pledges. Grades and mid-terms are important! 

Extra Credit

There are some opportunities for students who have had poor academic performance to do extra credit to get a higher test score. Students will need to ask around and look for these opportunities and follow the completion rules for these assignments.

Individuals who can issue extra credit will have extra credit completion cards. The name of the character who earns extra credit will be written on the card and given to the GMs. The GMs will update the overall GPA standings. 

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