Creature College

Homecoming Scabaret


The Creature College Scabaret is a centuries old tradition wherein students and faculty put together short skits, dance performances, or songs. Students and teachers may choose to perform together or as individuals.

In 1532, Agusta Wind knocked the socks off of all audience members who were wearing socks when she performed an Atlantic Hurricane Dance. Since then, the performers have been asked to scale back on the power of their performances, but from time to time, exuberation takes hold and there are minor incidents. 


  • All students and faculty are invited to perform during the scabaret. 
  • Scabaret performances may be in the style of the performers choice (song, dance, comedy, marionettes, ABC belching)
  • Performing arts students who choose to perform during the cabaret may do so in lieu of completing their written performing arts mid-term.
  • There will be a signup sheet. It will not have times on it. It will just be a list to help put people in order. You may perform once. You must let two other people perform before you take another turn. 
  • Share and be nice.

Scabaret Audience Participation

GM Note: It takes a great deal of courage for someone to perform a song, dance, or other performance piece for a crowd. If you are in the cabaret room of the game, you are expected to be a supportive audience member. You will applaud. You will cheer. You will celebrate the bravery of your peers. There are multiple rooms in the game space. The Scabaret will be taking place in one of those rooms. If you cannot support your peers in the Scabaret room, go to another room.

Microphone and Speakers

GM Note: The GMs will have a karaoke machine at game. The machine has a microphone and can play music from thumb drives. The GMs will also have a set of speakers with an aux cable available making it possible for players to utilize their phones for musical selections as well. None of the GMs are DJs or professional IT or AV people. Their ability to troubleshoot compatibility issues will be limited.

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