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Creature College Planned Events

For my other games, there have been few-no scheduled/programmed events. When I tried to plan these in game activities before I didn’t completely succeed. I failed so badly in fact that I had players stop me and condemn my decisions during game time. That experience made me reticent to try again. It’s been a couple of years, I’ve grown into myself as a creative person and I think it’s time to try again!

Creature College will have a number of events through the weekend. 

  • Events are not mandatory for players. 
  • Any player may be at any event. 
  • Some events will have a limited number of character activity spots, but the events will be open for any character to observe, attend with a ‘date’, and some events may be idea for character pranks! 
  • For events with a limited number of character activity spots, there will be sign up sheets and a PLAYER may only sign up for ONE of these activities. 
  • If you, the PLAYER, would like to do an activity but you feel the activity is a poor fit for your character, DO THE ACTIVITY ANYWAY! You the PLAYER having fun is most important. College is all about trying new, different things- use that excuse if you need one! 

The following information talks about the game events and the logistics that are known/expected for the event. We want to be as explicit as possible with these events. 

Monster Ball

The Monster Ball will take place on Saturday Night- think of it like a Prom or Homecoming. Players may elect to wear fancy dress/ larp formal attire for this occasion. There is no set time period for Creature College- monsters wear all sorts of crazy things. You could wear a formal ball gown and a mask. You can wear a tuxedo jacket with swim trunks. You can wear a 1920’s sequin flapper dress and a princess tiara- all of these costume choices are perfect for the Monster Ball. Dress up in a way that you the PLAYER feel happy and comfortable. 

The Monster Ball will be held in the largest play space available to the game. There will be music played at party volume. There may be party lights that blink or swirl. There will be chairs set around the perimeter of the room. The other game spaces will remain open for players/characters who do not wish to be at the ball. The other game spaces will be quieter and will not have disruptive lighting effects. It is okay to be in your party clothes and dance in a room that is quieter. Music tends to bleed through walls. Your party happens where you are. 

There will be some plot resolution during the ball for some characters. When plot resolution is happening, the music volume will be lowered, and the blinking lights will be stopped to create an environment that is less overwhelming to the senses. After plot is resolved, there will be a brief pause before the music and lights are resumed in order to allow individuals to exit safely before dealing with the lights/volume.

Depending on the terms of the hotel contract, the music will be turned down/off at a certain hour. When a hotel is selected, final details will be set and shared with the players. 

Greek Week Sporting Events

There will be a number of sporting and silly events happening as part of Creature College’s Greek Week. These events will be a mixture of paper bits/ board game esque events and childhood party games/relay races. These have not all been developed or announced yet. As soon as more information is available for each event, it will be shared with players.

These events will have a limited number of spots and there will be sign up sheets posted BEFORE and DURING game. Players will only need to sign up if they want to PARTICIPATE. Cheerleading, watching, and laughing along with participants in these activities is open to all and does not require signing up.

If you are in the game space where these events are happening, you are required to cheer and clap for the event participants. There is no booing or jeering allowed, no matter how in character it may be. Be a positive inspiration to other players! 

Mid-term Exams

Mid-term exams will happen on Friday night. Professors will be required to give them. Students will be required to take them. Ugh! The worst- right?!

Mid Term exams will be pen/paper puzzles/games/mazes/coloring pages. Think of activities from say a 5th grade activity booklet. The exams are intended to take 15-20 minutes of player time and will have plot impacts on the weekend! You will not need to study for them. They will not be hard. They will in no way impact your real life outside of the game. If you suffer from test anxiety IRL and you feel like mazes,  mad lib worksheets, word searches may trigger you, please reach out to me separately so we can make accommodations to allow for your comfort and safety.

Student Art Show

The Visual Arts department has a number of talented students! Visual Arts students are being asked to make and bring to game 1-3 pieces of student artwork for an art exhibition. These will be displayed in game space to help decorate. They will be judged by the professors. Professors may be bribe-able. The art may fall victim to pranks. We will make every opportunity to ensure that the art you make is physically unharmed by the prank. At the end of the weekend, the art will be returned to its creator.

There is no such thing as not talented enough to make art. Finger painting with your nose or gluing jelly beans to a purse are as excellent as painting Mike and Sully posed in a cherubic rendition of a Michelangelo on canvas.

Homecoming Scabaret

The Theater Arts department is having a cabaret exhibition. Scabaret performances can be monologues, skits, songs, duets, lip syncs, interpretive dance, etc. These performances will be organized by players. Players are encouraged to communicate with one another in advance to plan and prepare. Players may also cooperate and coordinate together to rehearse. If there is enough game space, a rehearsal space will be allocated. This cannot be promised at this time until the game has a contracted venue.

If you are in the game space where these events are happening, you are required to cheer and clap for the event participants. There is no booing or jeering allowed, no matter how in character it may be. Be a positive inspiration to other players! 

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