Creature College

Creature College Who’s Who

Agni Burns

Fire Elemental 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Agni Burns is one hot dude! He’s passionate and his fervor for his passions can be concerning- but it’s just Agni’s nature as a fire elemental. Agni is the life of the party and his hobbies include drinking games and video games. Agni hasn’t yet declared a major at Creature College; he’s still trying to find something that truly sparks his interest.

Anke Senamun

Mummy 👿 Senior 👻 OMG

Anke Senamun comes from a very prestigious family and she has been afforded every luxury in her life. Anke is a member of OMG and she works hard to ensure that the Creature College Cheerleaders look their best and perform at their best. Anke is a visual arts major who has been studying jewelry design. She frequently visits the mall to study and get inspiration by browsing at the gems and baubles in jewelry stores.

Aria Opus

Human-ish 👿 Junior 👻 DED

Aria is not a natural born monster. Her mother and father had a torrid love affair and her father retreated into the sewers and an old cistern to raise her. Illusa grew up with monsters and she self identifies as a creature, but she’s as human and normal looking as they get. She sticks out like a sore thumb at Creature College as a result. Because she is different, Aria often struggles to fit in.

Aura Lee

Tulpa 👿 Senior 👻 BOO

Aura Lee is a physics major at Creature College. She is a leading the class with on phase matter, anti-matter, and all other science things that may or may not be matter or matter at all. Aura Lee is a tulpa- a swirling conglomeration of colored light. She often presents her shape into a figure that more closely resembles a humanoid figure (it makes a majority of the students feel better). Aura is also in the BOO fraternity and she’s friends with just about every ghosts and poltergeists on campus.

Bo Boggart

Boogeyman 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Bo Boggart is a freshman who has never been away from home before. He’s a great student who has been placed in some higher level courses. He’s having a hard time adjusting to college life. He doesn’t have many friends and he doesn’t really get invited to parties. Bo is pretty adorable though, so all hope isn’t lost on this little boogeyman.

Branch Thornwillow

Wood Nymph 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Branch Thornwillow is a sprite and agile wood nymph. He loves to sing and dance, though his talent in this area is questionable. Branch is a freshman member of the Cheerleading squad and he’s a sure thing to join OMG during Rush Week. Branch, unlike a number of other Freshman, has arrived at Creature College and immediately found a number of great friendship. Branch is loving life and having a blast.

Brendan Light

Invisible Man 👿 Sophomore 👻 BOO

Brendan is always in class, but professors tend to overlook him. Brendan simultaneously maintains a hard core party bro reputation and a studious nerd reputation. Rumor has it that Brendan has started an underground Poker game on campus, but he’s never been caught at a table so the rumor persists and campus administration tries to keep their eye on Brendan.

Bruno Chilote

Circe 👿 Senior 👻 OMG

Bruno Chilote is the only member of OMG who is not also a Cheerlearder. Bruno is outgoing and energetic and is a great friend to their fellow students in OMG. Bruno is related to some of the most famous witches in all the world- his green skin and penchant for poisoning apples makes this clear. Bruno is a wiz in Portents and Astrology classes and some argue that this is why OMG let this witch join their fraternity.

Buck Hart

Peryton 👿 Senior 👻 N/A

Buck, a peryton, is a fixture in the Arts Department as a Visual Arts major. He is very friendly and kind. Buck likes to befriend any and every student who seems to have a hard time making friend. Buck can be pretty protective over anyone that he sees as a misfit or a loner. Buck’s herding tendencies make him an excellent peer leader.

Bugsy Claro

White Bat 👿 Senior 👻 DED

Bugsy is loved and hated at Creature College. He has majored in journalism and prides himself on being the first to get the scoop. Bugsy seems to have a keen ear for gossip and the ability to sniff out a story. However, Bugsy doesn’t always see what might be right in front of his face with regards to his DED brothers and sisters.

Candy Calavera

Skeleton 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Candy is a really sweet Sophomore who takes most of her classes in the Fine Arts department. Candy has been struggling to identify herself as an artist because she is torn between traditional family folk art style and hyper stylized modern art. Candy is also the life of the party and she brings her vibrant personality to all occassions.

Capri Atlantica

Capricorn 👿 Senior 👻 SEA

Capri Atlantica is a senior member of SEA who is not looking forward to graduation. She’s worried she will miss her friends and that they will all grow apart as they go out into the world. Capri enjoys photography is working with the yearbook staff to put together something fun for the other seniors.

Chrys Gorgon

Medusa 👿 Junior 👻 SEA

Chrys Gorgon is a star athlete who enjoys when all eyes are upon him. As a junior, he’s looking forward to finishing the year and taking on the role of team captain next year. Chrys is the person on the team who embodies team spirit. He’s always got an uplifting attitude and he defies Gorgonian stereotypes of being calculating, revengeful, or spiteful.

Cy Clops

Cyclops 👿 Sophomore 👻 BIG

Cy Clops is a passionate linguist who enjoys examining and talking about talking. Hes fascinated by the words people choose to use and he aspires to become a professor of languages one day. Cy enjoys Astrology as a guilty pleasure and he is hoping to find new constellations hidden in the wide open space of the night time sky.

Danika Jewel Jones

Human-ish 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Danika Jewel is a pirate’s pirate. She has embraced her heritage fully and she gets nauseated if she’s on dry land for too long. Danika is eagerly awaiting her 21st birthday so she can fully partake of her pirate heritage by drinking copious amounts of rum and grog. In the meantime, she’ll imbide on energy drinks that shes poured into empty flasks and singing drunken sea shanties she doesnt yet have the full life experience to understand or appreciate.

Ebony Pantera

Were cat 👿 Junior 👻 N/A

Ebony is a bit fickle. She’s fun and lively one moment and then she’s craving the solace of a great book and the peace of the library in the next moment. Because of her dichotomy, Ebony is well liked by most of the campus and even though she’s a junior, there is an off chance that she may end up being elected as the Scream Queen at the Monster Ball!

Ellis Batt

Vampire 👿 Senior 👻 DED

Ellis Batt is not to be confused with Ellister von Ausgebert and Ellister will go out of his way to make that difference. Ellis is a vampire who tends to smell like his coconut sun block. He’ can be shy and quiet, but he comes to life whenever he’s on stage in the Theater Arts department. Ellis has been working on ‘something’ for the weekend’s cabaret, but he seems to be keeping the project top secret!

Ellister von Ausgebert

Wolpertinger 👿 Senior 👻 Psi Phi

Ellister von Ausgebert and his sister Esther come from a very wealthy family and both children are more than happy to let people know that their family has paid for a number of buildings on campus- as the buildings show off the family name. Ellister is very worried about appearances and social standing. As a member of Psi Phi, hes determined that fraternity is the best and he will most certainly do what it takes to make sure they stay on top.

Esther von Ausgebert

Wolpertinger 👿 Junior 👻 OMG

Esther von Ausgebert and her brother Ellister come from a very wealthy family and both children are more than happy to let people know that their family has paid for a number of buildings on campus- as the buildings show off the family name. Esther is quite unlike her brother. She enjoys the outdoors and exploring. She joined OMG because it’s the fraternity her mother was in, but she just doesn’t seem- happy.

Etta Iceman

Yeti 👿 Junior 👻 BIG

Etta Iceman is an environmental expert who shares her passion with her fellow students at Creature College. Etta tries hard to share her views of conservation and naturalism. She wishes others had the same concern that she does for becoming a custodian of wild spaces. With humans expanding their habitats it’s creating a lot of problems and concerns for monsterkind and individuals like Etta are helping to enlighten others about how they can act to combat these behaviors.

Felicity Panthera

Were cat 👿 Sophomore 👻 PAK

Felicity is a vivacious go-getter who is happy as the center of attention. She’s an amazing athlete who goes a bit stir crazy when she has to sit still in long lectures. She definitely a were-cat on the go! She makes friends easily and goes out of her way to pull people into her fun.

Francesca Furter

Human-ish 👿 Junior 👻 Psi Phi

Francesca Furter is out of this world! Her sense of humor can be a bit dark, but she inherited it from her father- a famous intergalactic scientist with a mobile mansion. Francesca appreciates the finer things in life and she’s also happy to exploit her father’s accomplishments to garner more accolades for herself. Francesca is competitive and hoping to lead Psi Phi to victory in this years Greek Games.

Franklin Stein

Frankenstein 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Franklin Stein is a Sophomore but he looks a bit older than the other students in his grade. His composite body was assembled overtime and Franklin’s parents were unsure what grade to put him in and home schooled him instead. Creature College is Franklin’s first opportunity to socialize and make friends. Franklin is highly likeable, but can be awkward at times. He hangs out at the local mall to people watch and try to pick up on social behaviors of others.

Gargara Stone

Gargoyle 👿 Junior 👻 N/A

Gargara Stone just might be the most observant and insightful student at Creature College. She is a sought after friend and advisor. She is quick to listen and slow to judge. Everyone loves her for the great advice she’s able to give. Gargara enjoys a great puzzle or mystery and craves one that will actually challenge her observation skills.

Ghouliette Montegoo

Zombie 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Ghouliette Montegoo’s parents started Creature College centuries ago after her greatX10 grandfather was rejected from Booston College by Omeo Catpelt. Ghouliette really has no interest in this old historic feud. She prefers to spend her time in the Foreign Language Department. She’s up to date on all manner of human idioms like “Bless your Heart” and “Let’s watch Netflix and chill.” Ghouliette is a lovable nerd, but that applies to many of the students at Creature College.

Gillian Fishman

River Monster 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Gillian Fishman is an aquatic monster who is very terrestrial curious. She is curious and thrilled to be at Creature College. She is doing well in all of her language classes, but she still needs some help adjusting to student life. Gillian is happy to try out various activities and she seems nonplussed by adversity or failure. Her optimism is contagious!

Glooria Gloop

Ooze 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Glooria Gloop wants nothing more than to be the next great editor for a magazine like Vanity Unfair or Creaturepolitan. Glooria loves fashion, make-up and she admires such objects as art! She openly admits that she’s not an artist, but she’s convinced the world needs more connoisseurs in order to truly appreciate artists. Glooria has big dreams and she’s happy to share them with others.

Grey Timberwolf

Werewolf 👿 Sophomore 👻 PAK

Grey signed up to be an Art major because he thought it would be an easy A. You can throw food at a canvas and call it art! However, Grey didn’t anticipate how much he would actually love art, it’s history, and all things art. He’s presently questioning how much he enjoys sports! He really doesn’t want to let PAK down, but he always wants to follow his heart.

Hal Wulf

Werewolf 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Hal is a party animal! College is a very liberating place for Hal. They’ve finally gotten away from their 5 sextuplet siblings for the first time. Hal is also away from their domineering pack alpha father. Hal is presently more interested in dating, parties, and having fun than they are in doing well in class. This may prove problematic with exams coming up!

Harry Wulf

Werewolf 👿 Senior 👻 PAK

Harry is a senior, captain of the Casketball team, and the epitome of an alpha wolf. Harry knows that he will be graduating soon and leading a wolf pack of his very own in the wilderness and he’s looking forward to it. Harry is the front runner for Scream King at the Monster Ball!

Henry Hyde Jr.

Human-ish 👿 Junior 👻 Psi Phi

Despite what people think of Henry Hyde Sr., Henry Hyde Jr. has little in common with his father. Henry is at Creature College as a legacy student and he is struggling to forge an identity that is his own and not linked to his fathers. Henry has little interest in science, engineering. He is more interested in music, sports, and romance.

Homer Swamp

Swamp Monster 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Some swamp monsters live their entire lives in the swamp and they never leave to see anything else in the world. Homer is a first generation Creature College student. He is proud to represent his family and home swamp. He is curious and loves meeting people of different backgrounds and experiences.

Illus Eidolon

Ghosts 👿 Sophomore 👻 BOO

Illus is a sophomore who enjoys haunting halls, practicing drumming skills on pipes, and going for walks through graveyards and old battlefields. Illus is a pretty typical college student who is balancing his personal educational growth with his social growth. Despite his best efforts to get attention at times though, Illus can be rather forgettable.

Ivy Nepenthes

Plant Monster 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Ivy is a plant monster who loves nature, flowers, plants, and poisons. She’s a whiz kid with a Chemistry set a rising star academically. She would make a great tutor for anyone struggling to grasp the sciences. Ivy is also friendly and beautiful. The trifecta of brains, beauty, and personality makes her a target of jealousy at times. Ivy doesn’t let the drama get under her skin though, she knows who she is and owns it!

Jack Jekyll

Human-ish 👿 Junior 👻 Psi Phi

Jack is a competitive person who is determined to have Psi Phi beat PAK during this year’s Greek week. If Jack put as much focus into his studies as he does trying to best other students, he might be on the Dean’s list. He’s hopes that his stepfather, Henry Hyde Sr. will hook him up with a job after graduation just so he doesn’t need to worry about actual grades while he’s at school

Jean Boolittle

Human-ish 👿 Junior 👻 PAK

Jean Boolittle traveled half way around the world to come to Creature College. Her father is a famed naturalist and animal conservation expert in Australia. The Boolittles have worked hand in hand to help save the bunyip population from extinction. Jean is an avid animal lover and she tries to teach fellow students to work with their neighbors instead of treating them simply as food or nuisances.

Jeanette Wishes

Genie 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Jeanette Wishes looks like a mythical golden goddess. She’s curvy and mesmerizing. Above all else- she is not comfortable in her own skin. She’s not used to all of the attention she gets. Jeanette would also prefer to be known for her love of history and her academic skills instead of her beauty. Jeanette can also be wary when making friends. Many people only like her because she’s a genie. Jeanette has some work ahead of her involving self acceptance and accepting friendships.

Jo Tunn

Troll 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Jo is a troll who is quite upset at how trolls are portrayed in video games and among human popular culture. She wants to work as an activist and pop media influencer in the future, making appearances, and changing these perceptions about trolls and troll kind. Jo is a consummate video gamer and pop culture enthusiast. She is also a freshman member of the casketball team!

Kinnara Sphinx

Sphinx 👿 Senior 👻 OMG

Kinnara is a mysterious beauty. She’s a popular senior who is a top contender for Scream Queen at the Monster Ball. She enjoys philosophy and history and loves the myriad of unanswered questions in the world. She can be a bit dodgy when she’s asked a pointed, direct question.

Logan Blue

Sea Monster 👿 Sophomore 👻 SEA

Logan is a proud sea monster who likes to point out differences between freshwater creatures and salt water creatures. However, if someone tries to harm, impede, or degrade any water creature, Logan will be one of the first folks to hop to the front of a defensive fight. Logan loves to party and is very social. Logan is looking forward to the Greek weekend activities and making sure that SEA gets the best pledges and wins the most events.

Merella Cascada

Mermaid/Ghost 👿 Senior 👻 SEA

Merella is a senior who everyone thought was a sure thing to have joined BOO. However, she shocked the student body when she accepted a bid to SEA her sophomore year. Merella is a great example for the younger students on campus about bucking tradition and following your own heart and instincts. Merella is intrepid and bold. A number of folks are also eager to hear her perform at the student art and music exhibition.

Moon Mothews

Moth man 👿 Junior 👻 BIG

Moon Mothews comes from a remote part of Appalachia. The Mothmen have been struggling in their environment. Humans aren’t afraid of them. They have erected shrines, they hold festivals, and there are even a museum dedicated to their kind. Moon has come to Creature College in an attempt to get back to some scaring basics.

Mort Grossman

Zombie 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Mort is a big, shy, quiet guy who likes to sit in the library and read. His sheer size and stature made him attractive to the Casketball team and he has become one of the stars of the team as a freshman. Mort is kind and friendly and as a result- he’s become popular. He hasn’t yet figured out how to adjust to the fact that people like him as much as he likes books.

Moulissa King

Rat King 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Moulissa King is a star in the Performing Arts department. She is a stickler for tradition and she thinks that one needs to master the classics before they can indulge their own creativity in new, modern methods and styles. She may be a mouse, but there is nothing small about her. She’s got a big personality and a big heart. Her star will rise high on campus and many students are wondering which fraternity she will join.

Oolivia Oozmund

Ooze 👿 Junior 👻 Psi Phi

Oolivia Oozmund was born into a musical family that has lived in the spotlight. She didn’t inherit her family’s talent for singing or dancing, but she does have an ear for sounds, words, and languages. She’s a happy listener who would be more at home working for a newspaper or magazine covering the arts instead of being on the stage.

Porter Geiss

Poltergeist 👿 Junior 👻 BOO

Porter Geiss is an energetic, outgoing showman. Everyday is a new day for something fabulous to happen. Any room he enters contains and audience waiting to be entertained. Porter is self-determined to become a star! Porter grew up in a haunted house and thinks he knows everything about sets, lighting, and props. However, he wants to climb out of the shadows and become one of the first famous named and recognized poltergeists!

Que Tzalcoatl

Rainbow Serpent 👿 Senior 👻 N/A

Tall, dark, seductive, and romantic- Que Tzalcoatl is a Rainbow Serpent who could have walked out of the pages of a steamy romance novel. Que is everything beautiful that both men and women seem to find attractive and Que knows it. This rainbow serpent enjoys their androgyny and pushes it to the hilt. Que wants to become the first ever Unified Monarch of the Monster Ball and has been pushing to do away with gendered titles like “King” and “Queen.”

River Styxx

Human-ish 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

You know who has a bad reputation? Grim Reapers. They can be ill omens to even the toughest of monsters. River Styxx doesn’t let that stop him! He makes sure that he is on every party invite possible. He really hasn’t embraced his future career path and instead, he’s just trying to make friends and enjoy college while he can.

Romi Dracul

Vampire 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Romi Dracul is a vampiress who can trace her family history back in time about 300-400 years- okay so she knows her grandparents. Romi is a very typical college student trying to choose a major and make a plan for her life. She spends a fair amount of time fretting about the next 200 years and she may end up missing out on current events.

Rue Rottingham

Dullahan 👿 Senior 👻 DED

Rue Rottingham is the guy that everyone loves to hate. He’s opinionated, successful, and driven. Rue isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on his mind. However, when it comes to success, drive, and determination- Rue is also on top. DED is counting on him to lead them to victory during Greek Week. If they lose, Rue is assuredly going to take it poorly.

Sheila Shamble

Zombie 👿 Senior 👻 DED

Sheila likes her music loud and her parties louder. Sheila claims that her headphones and EDM music are keeping her alive- literally. While that may be an exaggeration, no one really wants to see what Sheila would be like without her tunes and ever present personal trance and electronica soundtrack. Sheila wants to be a DJ when she graduates, but she’s not really seeing how a college degree can help her with her music goals.

Silverton Timberwolf

Werewolf 👿 Sophomore 👻 PAK

Silverton is nothing like his brother Grey. Silverton often struggles to understand how he and his brother could have possibly come from the same litter. Silverton is bookish and enjoys science and music. He likes spending time with friends and getting to know people. He’s not the sort of party animal to take a laundry basket sledding down a few flights of stairs. Silverton is more mellow and calm.

Skyler Wallghast

Ghost 👿 Junior 👻 OMG

Skyler Whallghast has done everything in his power to destroy stereotypes about ghosts. He’s not stuck in any sort of routine. He’s not pining for some fictitious meat body reality. He’s living large with his incorporeal self. The best part of Skyler is that he hates to party alone. He will approach and encourage any loner or wallflower he sees. He just wants to have a great time and he wants to share that with others.

Traci Traipse

Bigfoot 👿 Senior 👻 BIG

Traci Traipse is a bigfoot with big bones. Traci owns her size, her curves, and her really large feet. She loves to go to the mall and go shopping with her friends. Instead of getting glum about the lack of stores offering clothes that fit her, Traci has taken up sewing and fashion design. Traci is currently following a path to create and shape a future for people of any and all body types.

Tutan Khamun

Mummy 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

When you open a dictionary and look up the word serious, you find an image of Tutan Khamun staring back at you. Tutan is a no nonsense, serious, and rule upholding mummy. He’s been teased throughout his first semester for having a stick up his nose. He dislikes all of raucous parties and thinks good grades are paramount. There are a number of students on campus who have made a pact to get Tutan to loosen up, to party, and to embrace the aspects of college that go beyond academics.

Vandalar Doubloon

Pirate Ghost 👿 Junior 👻 DED

Vandalar is a bit of a mischief maker who is generally behind a number of the school’s pranks. He’s been practicing for next year when he plans to pull off the best prank of all time! Vandalar accredits his mischievous nature to his piratical upbringing. Doubloon has promised some shenanigans for the Monster Ball, but who knows what that may entrail?!

Vanessa Moors

Loch Ness 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Vanessa Moors is going to be one of the best detectives the world has ever seen when she graduates from Creature College. She’s been dreaming of a job in Law Enforcement ever since she saw Silence of the Clams as a small spawn back in her home pond. Vanessa can be a bit of a busy body, but her collection of gossip can be treasures for a variety of other reasons.

Vara Komodo

Dragon 👿 Sophomore 👻 N/A

Vara Komodo is a student celebrity on campus. Specially, she’s rare. There are very few dragons and as one, Vara has ascended to some sort of creature monarch status. Vara gets a lot of attention from students and professors. She’s outgoing, but all of the attention can be a bit much- even for her.

Wanda Wails

Banshee 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Wanda Wails a free spirited artist and thinker. She excels in the Theater Arts. She also fancies herself as more of a director and producer than a pure artistic talent. If anyone can outdo the other known pranksters on campus- it’s Wanda. The tricks and theatrics that she can pull off will amaze, astound, and befuddle.

Winifred Webb

Arachne 👿 Freshman 👻 N/A

Winifred Web is a freshman who is still used to being the queen bee at her previous school. She hasn’t yet woven herself into the web of social connection and hierarchy that seems to be in place at Creature College. Winifred is talented, opinionated, and confident and she will need to utilize all of these attributes if she wants to build new friendships and fit in.

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