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Hallways & Humans

Hallways & Humans is a very popular game among monsters. One individuals takes on the role of the Hall Monitor and guides 2-5 other individuals on some sort of adventure through a fictitious setting full ravenous, apathetic, and/or dangerous humans and their vile offspring! Some fans of the game have created artwork of their fantastical characters. Others have even created costumes and have tried to bring the game to life for a more immersive experience.

Rules of the Game

  1. Choose one person to be the Hall Monitor (HM)
  2. Have the other individuals each select a character to play. 
  3. The HM will guide the players through an adventure. 

Being the HM

  1. Use the adventure notes to make up some silly shenanigans for the players. 
  2. If people want to use a skill/ability to do a thing, find someway to say “Yes, and…” to progress the adventure
  3. The adventure can deviate completely from what appears in the adventure notes.

Playing a Character in H&H

  1. Play cooperatively to complete the adventure. 
  2. Abilities are HIGHLY interpretive, have fun with them. 
  3. If you are laughing with each other you are definitely doing it right.

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