Creature College

Fraternities of Creature College

Psi Phi (ΨΦ)
Motto: “Extraneam esse magnum”
Colors: Lime Green and Neon Blue
The brothers and sisters of the Psi Phi fraternity have been accused of being different and a bit out of this world. The accusations isn’t far from the truth. Most of the members of this fraternity come from alien or ooze families. This fraternity has a laid back attitude and they are happy to go with the flow of things.

Pi Alpha Kappa (PAK)
Motto: “Luna, Coetus, Viribus”
Colors: Brown, Neon Pink
At Pi Alpha Kappa, individualism is often frowned upon. These brothers and sisters are seldom spotted alone. This fraternity happily boasts some of Creature College’s best team athletes. Most of the members of this fraternity are either werewolves or werecats.

Delta Epsilon Delta (ΔEΔ)
Motto: “Per novam vitam mors est”
Colors: Double Grey
Delta Epsilon Delta used to be a lively house. No, that is a lie. It’s membership draws from vampires, zombies, and mummies. While it’s members may have once been living, they weren’t at the time of their initiation. ΔEΔ is presently one of the larger campus organizations. It’s unsure if or how many new members they might accept during rush week!

Omega Mu Gamma (ΩΜΓ)
Colors: Maroon, Black, White (school colors)
Omega Mu Gamma boasts some of the loudest and most vivacious students at Creature College. Their members draw almost exclusively from the school’s cheerleading team! Their zest for life is apparent and quite contagious!

Beta Omicrom Omicrom (BOO)
Motto: “Ego apparebit et est.”
Colors: Translucent or silvery tones
You will never see a member of Beta Omicrom Omicrom coming- unless they want you to! This fraternities brothers and sisters pride themselves on secrecy. Of all of the fraternities on campus, they have the highest GPA. This group values academics. BOO seems to compete with DED for members and lately, their membership has been waning. This year, they will need to pick up more member or they will be in danger of losing their charter at Creature College!

Beta Iota Gamma (BIΓ)
Motto:  “Et magna nobis sunt praetermittenda.”
Colors: Forest Green, Sky Blue
Beta Iota Gamma members are hard to miss on campus. Their dormitory is the largest. Their table in the mess hall is the largest. A fraternity composed of yetis, bigfoots, and cyclops just needs to be big to accommodate it’s membership. BIG has some of the most charitable students in it’s membership and they regularly win community service and outscreech awards as well.

Sigma Epsilon Alpha (ΣEA)
Motto: “Madesco. Mirabile est.”
Colors: Turquoise, Purple
Sigma Epsilon Alpha is one of the newer fraternities on campus. It is very small and just establishing itself. This will be the first year that ΣEA is able to compete in Greek Week competitions! It’s members have been petitioning campus administration to make sure that all of the events are fair for both terrestrial and aquatic students. These activists are making themselves known.

Note: All listed organizations are fraternities. Membership in these organizations is not based on gender.

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