Under the Mask

Romance Rules


If you have ever played Lullabies of Broadway or the American updates to Once Upon a Time in Tombstone, these romance rules should feel quite familiar to you.

Romance in Under the Mask is meant to encourage role playing opportunities and player partnerships that might not otherwise come to fruition. Romance in the game allows you the opportunity to earn a skill or opportunity that you may not have otherwise had access to.

There are a number of people in the game who are not comfortable with romance. These rules do not aim to make players uncomfortable or the targets of unwanted flirtations. Please read over the Courting Tasks and decide for yourself whether you are comfortable assigning them to other individuals or having them assigned to you. If the items on this list seem like enjoyable role playing opportunities, then feel free to engage in the romance mechanic. If the items on the list make you uncomfortable, you may decline to engage in this mechanic. It’s entirely up to you.


If you would like to participate in the romance mechanic, go to the GM table and select a BLACK heart sticker and affix it to your name badge. You are now participating in the mechanic. Other players who are also participating in the mechanic may now approach you and ask for items from the Romance Task List as an attempt to woo you and win your heart.

Heart Value

All characters will have a heart value on their character sheet. Heart Values range from 5-10. Some characters just seem to fall in love a bit more easily than others. The Heart Value is equal to the number of Courting tasks that need to be completed successfully to win the character’s heart.

Note: This value has absolutely no meaning at all in the event that a player chooses not to participate in the mechanic.

Courting Tasks

There is a list of courting tasks. These are tasks that can be assigned or completed by another character in order to win a character’s heart. The courtship tasks are just little somethings a character can do to win over the heart of another character.

Characters may request a courtship task from another character. Feel free to use the tasks provided, ignore them completely, or make up your very own! Again, the point of this mechanic is for you to have some fun flirty role play- not get bogged down in a mechanic. If anything on the list seems insulting, biased, or unfun- don’t do it and do something that seems more fun instead!

You may only complete one courtship task per person per hour. You may court as many people at a time as you’d like.  

Note: It is possible for a character to perform these actions through no request of discussion between players. Examples: Before game start, two characters may have had previous interactions that the players can agree upon giving credit towards the Heart Value. An Courting Task may also be completed by accident. If this happens enough, a character may incidentally find themselves in love with another character. If you want to fall in love in that manner, feel free. If not- don’t!

Winning a Heart

Once someone have completed a number of Courting Tasks equal to your Heart Value, they have won your heart and your character is in love with them for their actions. This rarely happens simultaneously for both characters. That is OK. Romance can often be one sided. Romance can occur between any two players participating in the romance mechanic.

When your heart has been won, please place a RED heart sticker over top of your black heart. This indicates to others that your heart has been won.

Stealing a Heart

If someone already has a RED sticker on their name badge, they are already in love. You may still romance them! In order to steal their heart, you must perform [Heart Value + 2] tasks.

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