Under the Mask

Character Reputation


With new technologies, masterpieces, new imports and exports- everyone is motivated to do their best for their city state. Everyone wants to be number one in their city and everyone wants to have the best things for their citizens. Under the Mask will be using a reputation system at game. Individuals will be able to earn reputation points for themselves and their city states and/or principality!

All characters in the game are eligible to earn reputation points. Characters may earn additional reputation points by completing certain quests, winning duels, acquiring particular goods for their cities, making strategic political alliances, and a myriad of others ways to be listed at game.

Reputation Value

As mentioned above, some inventions, goods, and quests will earn characters reputation points. Reputation points will appear on an object in a laurel wreath if it will earn points for a faction.

Reputation Calculation

At the end of each game period, players will turn in their bags with their reputation stones. Bags will be deposited in a faction container. Stones will be tabulated, and the bags will be returned to player mailboxes for the next game period. Not turning in your bag could mean valuable reputation loss for your faction.

Some in game events will cause a faction to gain some reputation points immediately.

Reputation Rewards

GMs are looking at different in-game rewards and do not have a list ready to release at this time. 

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