Under the Mask


Under the Mask is using character mail boxes. All characters in game that can get mail will have a mail slot. Please take a few minutes to locate and familiarize yourself with the location of your mailbox.

During game, if the GMs owe you items, research information, or other items- they will deliver it to you via your mailbox. The GMs will not be hunting you down. It is your responsibility to check your mailbox.

The mailboxes are OFF LIMITS for in game snooping. 

  •         Do not snoop in a mailbox that isn’t yours.
  •         Do not take things from a mailbox that isn’t yours.
  •         Do not enlist someone else to check your mail for you.

If GMs see you in a mailbox that isn’t yours, expect the following course of events:

  •         1st Offense: Warning
  •         2nd Offense: Your combat related items removed from your character(s).
  •         3rd Offense:  All remaining skill cards and items will be removed from your character(s).

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