Under the Mask

Great Works and Masterpieces

A number of the characters in Under the Mask are inventors, painters, and sculptors. Through the course of the game these individuals are able to create wondrous works of art and emerging technology that have valuable in game effects.

Some characters will find a skill card in their character packet that designates them as able to create great works. These characters will also begin game with some inspired ideas on potential masterpieces that they can create. These great works and potential masterpieces may only be created by a few individuals, but they can be commissioned and owned by anyone once they are made and all the city states and kingdoms involved want to have the most luxurious and lucrative art collections- as such these works are highly sought after for the reputation bonuses that they provide.

Great Work Ideas

Artists begin game with some great work ideas relevant to their particular field of practice. There are three categories of great works: Inventions, Paintings, Sculptures. The basic layout of these works is the same.

Example of a Great Work Idea

Each Great Work Inspiration shows an image of the completed piece. It also lists the title, items needed to create the great work, and the base reputation to be distributed for completing the great work.

Completing a Great Work

To complete a great work; trade, barter, or acquire to get the items you need. Merchants, pirates, thieves, and others may have the items you need to make these small wonders. Some items can even be acquired in various quests.

To complete a Great Work, paperclip the following items together and put them in the GM Mailbox.

  • Your skill/power card
  • Required item cards
  • Great Work Inspiration card


It’s one thing to create a Great Work, but it’s another thing to create a Masterpiece that will survive for centuries. Masterpieces are created by adding additional items to the work. These item cards depict a reputation value on them and should simply be added to the bundle of cards you are submitting with your great work to earn additional reputation points.

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