Under the Mask

The Art of Winemaking

Wine is an integral part of the Italian lifestyle. It’s consumed almost daily and used as part of the sacrament at church services. Public drunkenness is passé and drunkards are seen as gauche, so individuals work hard to quench their thirsts and hold onto a sense of decorum.

Aside from politicians and land wealthy individuals, the masters of the casks, are prominent individuals in society and without them, all of Italy would be drinking swill and seawater- neither of which a man or woman can live on for long. These fine creators are scientists and inventors in their own right and many Italians have begun collecting wines from around the world as a show of diplomacy and wealth.

Wine, like roses, is cultivated by variety and each region has a preferred or most consumed variety. Other more exotic options are available, but generally have a cost that only the wealthy can afford. As the cost of this import rises, so too does the black market acquisition and trade of the commodity.

Making, Having, Acquiring Wine

Some characters will begin the game with a cellar, but all characters have the ability to purchase one at game.

  • Small cellars cost 500 ducats. A small cellar comes with space for 6 casks of tasty beverages.
  • Large gardens cost 500 ducats and simply upgrade a small cellar. You must have a small cellar in order to purchase a large cellar. Large cellars come have space for 10 casks of tasty beverages.

Storing Items in the Cellar

Storing items in a cellar is simple! Find the GM on duty in the cellar and tell them you want to store some new drinks. Hand over the item card and it will be attached to the cellar of your choice! This means that you can store beverages in ANY cellar. Uh oh! Cellar owners will want to be mindful of what gets stores in their cellar. It would be a shame for some villainous ne’er-do-well to destroy a lovely beckon of loveliness and goodliness.


It may become necessary or desirable to remove an item from a cellar. Removing items that are already put into place can be moved by paying a work crew ½ of the value of the item being moved. Simply see the GM on duty, pay the fees, and then select the item being removed. You may only drain or remove items from a cellar that you own.

Wine at the Masque

Each faction has a vintner or beverage expert tasked with brining something excellent to the Masque. The vintner will simply tell the GM on duty in the cellars which beverage they are donating to the masque. The GMs will take over from there! Easy as pie! But vintners will need to make sure they have something stored to enter by the time of their masque. (See the game posted game schedule)

The Wine Tasting

On Sunday morning a wine aficionado will be judging the cellars and awarding prizes. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Cellar with the highest reputation value
  • Cellar with the lowest reputation value
  • Cellar with the most items of a corresponding suit

Who’s Who in the World of Wine

  • Jacomo Diamante (Florence)
  • Savina Sala (Holy See)
  • Dominego Pavesi (Milan)
  • Remegio Santini (Naples)
  • Levent Feryat (Ottoman Empire)
  • Brancaleone Velloce (Venice)

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