Sealab Personal Universal Device

To: SEALAB Personnel
From: SEALAB Engineering and Technology Department
Date: February 01, 1989
Subject: Sealab Personal Universal Device

Dear SEALAB Personnel,

Your deployment to the SEALAB habitat is a noteworthy event. You are pioneers and you deserve the very best science and technology that money can buy. Thanks to a private technology grant secured by the program, we are pleased to inform you that you will receive a state of the art device to aid and assist you on board the station.

Every person stationed to Sealab will be assigned a Sealab Personal Usability Device, or SPUD. The SPUD is a multifunctional device incorporating communications and scanning capabilities. This device is keyed to the individual and cannot be used by any other person, subject to Security or Command override. All staff are expected to keep their SPUD with them at all times. The SPUD will remain property of SEALAB and will be surrendered back to the SEALAB Engineering and Technology department when ordered to do so.

The SPUD will have a number of capabilities. Primarily the device will serve as on station record management.

  • The SPUD will contain a complete roster of all SEALAB team members and their affiliate companies.
  • The Topside SEALAB medical team will be able to transmit personnel health records, safely and securely, to the habitat medical team, alleviating the need to have cumbersome paper files on the ocean floor.
  • The SPUD has a micro flashlight built in. This light draws power from the device, but in an emergency, it can provide illumination for a short period of time.
  • The SPUD device also has a state of the art scanning and analytical application that should assist many researchers on board the vessel. Various items and artifacts can be scanned. The scan will be cross-referenced in a data matrix of known information to give researchers best approximations of new information.
  • Additional capabilities are still being finalized. An addendum will be available from your Dive Officers if needed.

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