Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Farming and Industrialization Mechanic

Farming and Industrialization

Plantation and farm owners in Jefferson Country strive to work hard and make a profit for themselves. Profitable farms ultimately yield a profitable town and everyone in Rodney wants that.

Some farmers have elected to raise cattle on their land. Others have decided to continue cotton crops. And lastly, there are some other farmers still who have taken to crop rotation and diversification so their farms are growing a variety of crops.

As a landowner, you owe it to yourself and your employees to manage your land as best as possible. You must breed animals and sow seeds so that when the River boat arrives, it can take your goods to New Orleans, the largest nearby port, wherein the goods will be sold to market. You will need to make sure you have enough farm workers to manage the fields. You may also need to protect the fields from vermin.

At the start of game, all farmland is marked out in 40 acre parcels. Established estates and plantations are marked on the map clearly for individuals to see along with some notable landmarks. Unmarked parcels are considered abandoned or unowned and this land may be purchased and farmed. Once game begins, you may select to begin using your land, or allow your fields to remain fallow.

For some farm owners, they may find themselves in a financial bind and be willing to sell off their land. Some might offer up some share cropping opportunities. Others may elect to see the land sit fallow and unused rather than used by individuals they don’t approve of. Owning land and working it are two different things and Landowners are able to appoint a Plantation Manager to execute day to day operations if they do not wish to engage in those activities.

Employees and Profit Sharing

Slavery is not legal and plantation owners are not allowed to keep 100% of the profits from their estate. The profits must be shared. Assigning shares of the profits is up to the Owner. When notating the profit shares, please allocate a percentage (%) of farm profits to be shared with individuals assigned. The total of all assigned profits should be 100%.

Planting and Selling

Plantation owners will receive a new plantation sheet during periods 1-4 of the game. Each period will represent a single growing season. Each season there will be market prices posted for buying seeds and selling crops at market. The Plantation owner will need to choose how much to plant, when to plant, and when to sell the goods at market. During period 5, all goods on all plantations will be sold at market.


  • The market can be fickle, so it is wise to pay attention to the newspaper and other portents that may be available during game.
  • Seeds and livestock will be bought and planted in 40 acre increments, so if you only own a single parcel of land, you may only grow or raise a single crop or livestock type.


The North has successfully built a number of factories, plants, and mills that turn raw goods into processed items before they go to market. The South has been notoriously slow to convert arable farming land into factories and mills, but that era has ended with the war and it looks like some of these industrial ideas are finally arriving in Jefferson County.

Depending on the type of factory being built, the size and shape of the factory will vary. Industrialists will need to acquire land to build their factory upon and obtain the other resources needed to successfully start their business.

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