Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Combat

Individual Conflicts

All characters and monsters in the game will have hit points, depending on ranks of Takin’ a Beatin’. Some large ‘boss’ monsters will have hit points that exceed the human player maximum.

Depending on your Fightin’ skill, you may be able to deal damage to an opponent. Spells or Inventions may add or modify your damage as well.

To declare a combat, point at a target and say “Combat.” Based on your weapons and item cards, deal damage to your target. Your target may have item or skill cards to modify or mitigate the damage being dealt to them. Apply these modifications as specified on the card.

After resolving your attack, if you target’s hit points aren’t exhausted, they may attack back by declaring their weapons, items, or spells. You may likewise mitigate damage using items and skills from your character packet.

Combat continues in this manner until a target has exhausted their hit points or if a “Fair Escape” skill is played. Players may also mutually decide to end a combat.  In the event that a Fair Escape skill is played, the fleeing target cannot be attacked again for 1 hour. The intent and spirit of this ruling is to allow a target to be able to role play with characters and not get stuck in an endless combat loop with a potential bully.

Group Conflicts

Some creatures in Bullets and Belles will need to be attacked by multiple people to be defeated. All persons wanting to join the combat point at the target and say “Combat.”

All players will act in Combat first, then the monster goes. In rare cases, the monster may use a special ability to sneak and attack first. If a monster can use a skill to change or mitigate damage, the skill will be declared in response to the attacker so that subsequent attackers may modify their attack plan.

Character Death

In the event that a character is reduced to 0 hit points, they fall unconscious. They will lie prone for three minutes. If they do not receive healing, they are dead. The game is inspired by ghosts, zombies, and other things that go bump in the night. If your character dies during the game, please go see a GM. They will give you instructions for your new unlife.

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