Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Code of Conduct

  1. Be on your best behavior.
  2. Be Polite. Do not abuse the game site, the generosity of the GMs, or the kindness of your fellow players. While the game in your head is all about you, remember that you are not the only person playing the game.
  3. Be In Character. There will be a posted game schedule. Anytime the GMs are “On-line,” players are expected to be in character. During these times, keep all out of game chatter to a minimum.
  4. Be Helpful. If you see a player or character struggling with something, offer to help them.
  5. Be Sensitive. This game does address some very sensitive topics including but not limited to sex, slavery, and racism. We have tried to present these topics in meaningful ways. If you find yourself in a conversation that you are uncomfortable in, please calmly walk away to attend to your own needs. Please do not ruin the in character immersion for other players because you find yourself uncomfortable. You are in control of you.
  6. Be Patient. This is the first run of a one shot game- it will have bobbles and hiccups. Please give the GMs a chance to adjust and correct as needed before you pack up and run to the hills crying of a bad time.

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