Under the Mask



Venice, like Milan is bordered by the Alps. The mountain range provides protection from would be invaders from northern and eastern Germanic invaders. Also, similarly to Milan, Venice has a number of rivers that flow through the region allowing for fertile valleys that are great agricultural resources for the region. 


venetian ships.PNG

Venice makes most of its money from its trade routes. It has a thriving seaport in Venice. Venetian ships are often hired to escort merchants and trade goods as the goods are moved from east to west. Venetian captains are paid well for their services and expertise. 

With a strong supply of agricultural goods from the terra firme and luxury goods from the East, Venice has been able to accept and embrace modern ideas and explore new technologies. As such, inventors and artists have been moving to Venice because the economy in the area is strong enough for these citizens to gain patronage from the wealthy lords and landowners there. 


The doge has turned a wing of his palace into the world’s first gambling house. As such dice and card games are gaining popularity very quickly in Venice. Venetians like to show-off their diverse cultural heritage and as such, they frequently hire performers from other areas and promote cultures from multiple locations around the world. 

Lagoon Living

The city of Venice sits on top of a lagoon, first built atop of wooden flotsam by people who were fleeing from a war that was being fought all around them. As more and more refugees arrived, more and more flotsam was lashed together to float on the lagoon. During low tides, lumber could be brought to build small homes and over time the small refugee camp grew into a city with an S shaped great canal winding between the sandbars and small canals jutting off of it to connect a variety of architecture that has come to be inspired by the plethora of Venice’s trading partners. The facade of Venice truly reflects the composition of its residents- assorted. 


Venice is quite proud to be a republic. They have a doge who is elected by the most senior members of the Great Council of Venice. Members of the Great Council are elected by the people, however, only those citizens approved by the Great Council are allowed to vote for Great Council members. There is mounting pressure to allow all citizens of Venice to have a say in who is elected to the Great Council. There is also pressure to reform the way the doge is elected- either allowing the people to directly elect the position or allowing all members of the Great Council to vote to fill the position. 

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