Under the Mask

Alter Egos

Every character in game has an alter ego. You will have a second name tag to wear when you want to portray your alter ego.

  1. If you are wearing a mask and your regular name tag- people will know your regular identity.
  2. If you are wearing a mask and your alter ego name tag- people will NOT know your regular identity.
  3. If you are wearing an alter ego name tag and NO mask- people will know your regular identity.

It’s up to you to police what you are wearing if you want to safeguard your identity.

These alter egos are sometimes heroic and sometimes villainous. A players individual reputation points are displayed in association with their alter ego.  During game periods, players will earn and lose reputation. At the end of each game period, players will drop a reputation card in the GM mailbox and the individual reputation standings will be updated and put on display for all to see.

Some truly heroic characters may try to seek out and stop villainous characters. Villainous characters may try to corrupt or beguile heroic characters into compromising situations. During game, it’s okay for your reputation to change; it’s expected to change.

GM Note: Every single character in the game has the potential to be a great hero or an evil villain. You are NOT obligated to play your character along the same exact plotlines that your comic books may have suggested to you.  Your character is yours.

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