On the Rocks


One of the ways that a god can influence the world is to have their image on show to the American people. Gods can influence people while they appear in movies, act on tv, sing songs, and even perform in variety shows or dance revues at casinos in Las Vegas. There are a number of fantastic show biz opportunities for individuals to plan and interact with.

The Professionals

Some gods aren’t performers themselves- they are organizers. These gods have a way of sizing up the talent of an individual and knowing if they have what it takes to sell records, to be plastered on movie posters, or to interact live with people in a casino. Being a showbiz professional means that you can audition talent and place them in various acts. You have access to songs and scripts and you know what combinations work and will go far and what combinations are destined to implode upon themselves.

The Talent

Every single god has talent and every single god has the potential to be amazing in at least one type of performance. Some gods fit into more aspects of showbiz. It is also possible that a character may start the game with singing aspirations and through interactions with other performers and/or an industry professionals but they may realize they are better suited to acting in a romance movie.

Being part of a group and participating in performances is a good way to earn quiddity to spend on existence and issues.

Production Plans and Group Formation

Professionals will be given a list of the possible production types. Each type of production has specific requirements that needs to be met it order to produce that type of show. The Professional is in charge of auditioning and gathering talent for the shows. Only professionals may submit a cast or group for production.

  1. Groups can be formed at anytime by a showbiz professional.
    1. When a group is formed, the showbiz professional receives 3 quiddity.
    2. When a group is formed, each member of the group receives 1 quiddity.
  2. Groups can disband at anytime.
  3. A performer can only be in one group at a time.
  4. A performer can only be in one group per game period.


  1. Groups who have been formed can utilize the Performance mechanics two additional times and only once per game period.
  2. Any type of group my perform. TV shows could put on a 1-2 minute preview scene, a variety show could have a few performers interviewed by the emcee. A performance need not be a song- it can be anything relevant to the performance group- an interview, a tour previous, a song, a dance number, a magic trick.
  3. All members of the group have to be present and/or participate in some way. If you have 5 people and two want to sit in the front row and cheer and clap loudly- this is acceptable. If one person writes a few jokes or a little skit and it gets performed by other group members- this is acceptable. The entire group must be at the performance.

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