Bullets and Belles

Bullets and Belles Military Information

Branches of the Military

This is the easiest thing to remember; there is only one branch of the military- The Military. To maximize connections between players, the game has done away with the separation of the various military branches. All Military men and women are enlisted in one unified military. Each Nation has its own Military.

Ranks within the Military

There are two classifications of soldiers, enlisted and officer. Similarly, the number of ranks have been condensed to better fit the scope of the game.

Enlisted Ranks

Anyone can enlist in the Military. The military doesn’t discriminate based on race or gender with regard to enlistment status.

The three enlisted ranks, in order, are:

Private, Sergeant, Master Sergeant

Officer Ranks

Officer status is appointed. Those individuals who attend a Military University, upon completion, will earn an officer appointment. Occasionally, an enlisted man who performs a great feat for his or her Nation will earn a promotion to officer status. This is more rare. The other way to earn an appointment as an officer, is to have come from a prominent family and essentially use family title, land, or reputation to buy the appointment.

The Officer ranks, in order are:

Lieutenant, Major, Colonel, General

Civilians with the Military

There are a number of civilians who do not have a rank and do not follow strict military chain of command orders. These individuals generally offer a supply or service that is of great importance to the military.

Who’s Who in the Confederate Military

Sergeant Bartholomew Masters

Sergeant Charles Westford

Sergeant Ola “Sun Bear” Nita

Lieutenant Louis Rufus Barringer

Major Pythagoras Dupree

Colonel Hiram Windsor

Dr. Evie Hunt, Military Weapons Specialist

Who’s Who in the Union Military

Major Chauncey Westinghouse

General Roberta Kingston-Wolfe

Dr. Thomas Morton, Surgeon

Who’s Who in Other Militaries

Major Graham Austin- The Apache Federation

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