Under the Mask



Napoli is divided by the Apennine mountains. Some of the mountains in this area are active volcanoes. Napoli also oversees the governance of two large islands, Sardina and Sicily. Most Neapolitan citizens live near the coastline and most trade is conducted on the water instead of using mountain crossing roads. 



Fishing is the number one industry in Naples. Naples also produces more figs and olives than any other Italian region. Neapolitan olive oil is a sought after cooking ingredient demanded by other Italians, English, Portuguese, French, and other international powers driving the economy forward and quickly shifting power within the area to farmers who are able to produce the substance.



With Spain’s control in the region, there has been a large trade of Spanish culture including their arts and entertainment. Spain has popularized a form of entertainment called the corral de comedia. These plays are performed in large courtyards or on large patios. Attendance to these shows does cost money, but the proceeds are generally donated to local efforts to improve the city- building hospitals or city beautification efforts. These corals cover a myriad of topics- satire of foreign governments, fantasy and mythological characters, and recreations of epic battles. 


Naples is a Duchy of the Spanish Empire. It is ruled by Cavalo Carro, Emperor of Spain and Italy. Unlike Florence that is protected by soldiers from the Holy Roman Empire, Naples is protected by the powerful Spanish navy and soldiers. 

The king has promoted Marco Cuoco to the position of duke which was an unexpected move from the king because Marco is a relatively inexperienced head of state who comes from a military background. Presently, Duca di Napoli maintains alliances with the Holy Roman Empire and the Holy See against the French. 

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