Let’s Get Real

I have been spending a lot more time on You Tube since I have joined Toastmasters. I have been watching other people speak and I take notes on what I liked about the speaker. I try to adopt some of their habits or mannerisms into my own speeches.

A number of these speakers have overcome great diversity or harrowing life situations. I’ve never been in a war-torn country. I’ve never had to overcome such horrendous poverty that my family went without meals or clothing. I’m also not a premiere, top of my field expert. I feel that I lack the authority or humanitarian story that tends to make for a motivational or inspirational speech.

So- how can I appeal and connect to my audience?

When I speak, I try to do so from a place of honesty and sincerity. I don’t pretend to be an expert on a topic I haven’t researched. I don’t share childhood stories that are false. If I feature other people in my speeches, I feel that I present them as characters who have had a positive influence on me. I think that being genuine is a way to differentiate myself from other speakers.

How do you inspire? How do you tell your truths? Do you use sincerity or comedy? Do you own up to mistakes? Do you steer clear of inspirational speeches altogether?

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