80% Preparation, 20% Presentation

When I go to Toastmasters meetings, I listen to other speakers. When I hear a speech I like, I definitely try to reach out to the speaker and get tips from them. There is a lot of preparation that goes into a speech before it is delivered. There is a common thread that seems to link some of my favorites together.

The speakers that I like most are the ones that practice their speeches ahead of time. They have rehearsed in front of the mirror. They have even gone so far as to set up a camera to record themselves and they watch the footage as if they were professional athletes watching game day footage.

There is another group of speakers that are good, but they aren’t quite great yet. These people write their speeches and practice them. They aren’t recording themselves ahead of time. They aren’t putting in the extra effort to improve. They are reading their speeches to practice and rehearse. These speakers aren’t bad, but you can tell that they just aren’t as polished.

You can walk into a board room with all the answers and information. However, if you haven’t rehearsed or practiced your delivery, the message will simply be lost and missed by your audience. There are opportunities at Toastmasters meetings to practice improv speaking and thinking on your feet, but I really think that the projects that require practice and preparation are the elements of the club that benefit members the most.

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