On the Rocks

On the Rocks Game Registration

How to Register for Game

  1. Complete the Player Registration Survey.
  2. Join Facebook Group or Google Group for Information and Updates.
  3. Read over the options available below and add them to your shopping cart.
  4. Use Paypal to check out.
  5. Complete the Character Casting Survey.

Step 1: Complete the Player Registration SurveyThe Player Registration survey is quite simple. You will be asked for your name, email address, and your payment status. If you are tentatively interested in playing or aren’t 100% sure whether you can attend or not- register on the Wait List. In my two previous events, all of my wait listed players have gotten spots in the game. I do not guarantee this, but if you are flexible with regard to what role you are cast in, the wait list may be a great option for you, your schedule, and your level of commitment.

Step 2: Join Facebook Group or Google Group for Information and Updates

Step 3: Select the Appropriate Registration Option
Game prices exclude hotel and food costs. The prices being charged are determined by the number of character spots available in the game and the cost of the hotel event space that is rented to run the event. There are additional funds built into the budget for printing and some small prop items. Your hotel fees are not included in the game price. Feel free to utilize either the facebook or google groups to arrange for room sharing, if desired, to keep your personal expenses for game at a minimum.

Click on the Add to Cart button. Scroll down this page to see your shopping cart and check out.

Early Bird Special $65
March-AprilRegister and Pay within the stated time frame to take advantage of amazing early bird pricing for the event. Tell your friends to hop on this one quick before the prices go up.


Normal Registration $85
May -September
Register and Pay within the stated time frame to participate in the event.


Add-on Event: Mocktail Party $12

If purchased, this add-on will entitle the player to a ticket for an in game mocktail party. There will also be some light snacks served. It won’t be a full on meal, but it will be one heck of a yummy snack! If the budget allows, a commemorative glass will be provided as well.

[wp_cart_button name=”On the Rocks- Mocktail Party” price=”12.00″]

Step 4: Use PayPal to Checkout

Step 5: Complete the Character Casting Survey. 

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